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Partnership for Capability-Building in Tourism Storytelling

Due to its cross-cutting economic nature and deep social footprint, tourism is uniquely positioned to help societies and communities return to growth and stability and lead wider recovery. The tourism industry has the potential to be reshaped in more meaningful and authentic ways that give opportunities to smaller players, women, youth, and minorities who can, in turn, enable further economic growth. For larger organisations, storytelling frameworks support the development of sustained, engaging content strategies that will lead to higher conversions and audience retention.

Consumer Behaviour in Post-Pandemic Tourism

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Storytelling is a key intervention in tourism recovery


Storytelling offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to talk to audiences about who they really are and what they stand for.


Storytelling allows players in the tourism industry to co-create narratives with travellers, inviting consumers to be active participants in a culture or region.


Storytelling foregrounds experiences, creating content that draws audiences into unique narratives and spaces.


Storytelling creates opportunities to hear diverse voices, with opportunities to disrupt dominant ideas and create rich and multilayered narratives.

The Idea Toolkit

A curated series of four free talks covering storytelling and communication concepts.

Idea Toolkit 1: Brand Storytelling 101

Learn how to use brand storytelling to build stronger relationships with tourism audiences and create high-quality conversions with authentic, scalable strategies.

• 29 May 2023, Thursday, 2pm-3pm SGT
• Duration: 60 minutes
• Delivery: Online, via Zoom
• Cost: free

Idea Toolkit 2: Writing for Impact

Get an overview of digital writing strategies you can implement immediately to express your ideas and impress your audiences.

• 31 May 2023
• Duration: 60 minutes
• Delivery: Online, via Zoom
• Cost: free

Idea Toolkit 3: Communicating Culture

Incorporate the culture, heritage, cuisine, and arts of your region into your digital content to showcase what makes you unique.

• 26 June 2023
• Duration: 60 minutes
• Delivery: Online, via Zoom
• Cost: free

Idea Toolkit 4: COVID-19 and Risk Communication

As the post-pandemic era remains unpredictable, learn how to weave in techniques to communicate in a way that reassures travellers, increase compliance, and reduces travel anxiety.

• 28 June 2023
• Duration: 60 minutes
• Delivery: Online, via Zoom
• Cost: free


There are no sides: new narratives in tourism communication

Visitor and local, tourist and guide. Tourism has often focused on what ‘insiders’ can offer ‘outsiders’, but new approaches to tourism storytelling allow all players to co-create narratives and feel connected to a region, its culture, and its environment.

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More than sightseeing, tourism is life

Move seamlessly through categories such as food, shopping, arts, and nature. Tourism storytelling draws audiences into seamless experiences of cultural expression that reflect the life and culture of a region.

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Telling a story that’s never been told

Meet Jens Parkitny, a portrait photographer who has told the remarkable story of Chin women in Myanmar and their centuries-old tradition of facial tattooing.

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Imagined Community

Humans are social creatures, and we identify with social groups in various ways. Any brand or organisation can build large-scale communities based on mutual values and relationships.

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