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Who we are

We are a team of communication specialists helping solve the myriad communication challenges affecting information communities. Since our founding in 2005, we have been a learning resource for governments, charities, businesses, academia, NGOs, and startups. We take a unified approach to communication design and information literacy, delivering sound principles and scalable practices to organisations.

Our training team

Deepa Vijayan →

Instructor (in-house)

Deepa is the founder and an instructor at Quantico CCIL. Deepa has expertise in content marketing, digital strategy, and arts communication.

She is a consultant for government, arts, and healthcare industries, and was also a moderator for the Singapore Writers Festival. Her work has been featured on major media channels.

Dr Arjun Khara →

Instructor (in-house)

Arjun is a co-founder and instructor at Quantico CCIL. Arjun has a PhD in Information Design from the University of Reading (UK). His expertise is in copywriting, information design, and web development.

He is a lecturer at the University of Leeds (UK) and a co-founder of the Singapore Silent Heroes Awards.

Jens Uwe Parkitny →

Instructor (in-house)

Jens is an instructor at Quantico CCIL. Prior to joining us, he was a founding member of Expedia, and later CEO of Gourmet Plus at Accor Asia-Pacific.

He is currently a director, focusing his expertise on digital marketing courses, hospitality consulting, and audience engagement. Jens is also an award-winning author on Myanmar’s tribes.

Dr James Félix →

Instructor (in-house)

James has a PhD in Ethnomusicology from the University of Leeds (UK). His works on how to teach the humanities has appeared in textbooks as chapters and reference papers.

He is currently a curriculum developer at Quantico CCIL, with expertise in copywriting, arts communication and instructional design.

Joshua Kalinan →

Instructor (visiting)

Joshua is a Master Sake Sommelier and set a world record as first Singaporean to become Sake Sommelier of the Year, in 2018. Joshua is also an ACTA trainer and certified instructor.

He is currently a visiting instructor at Quantico CCIL, and teaches cross-cultural communication strategies for networked societies.

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