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Customise a workshop

Your learning requirements are unique — let’s meet them. Customise a one-of-a-kind training experience exclusively for your organisation. Pick from our library of modules, or work with us to build a syllabus from scratch that scales with your teams and goals.

Custom workshops

The following is a list of custom workshops that we have designed and conducted for organisations (2015–2022)

  • Content culture and leadership
  • Internal stakeholder communication
  • Market research and content strategy
  • Print marketing: renewed relevance
  • Customer service communication
  • Branded stories from bankers
  • Product naming and gaming
  • Writing effective EDMs
  • Crafting consumer influence
  • State of the Web 2010–2020
  • Humanising the public sector
  • Résumés and personal brands
  • Search sense: building online durability
  • Employee content calendars
  • Writing media releases
  • Content marketing for e-newsletters
  • Employer branding strategies
  • Video storytelling
  • Social by people: human stories
  • Effective email communication
  • Search engine content optimisation
  • Personal branding: women in STEM
  • Editorial guide development
  • Research and academic writing
  • Blogging for consumer engagement
  • Thought leadership on LinkedIn
  • Copywriting for Gen-Z
  • CV-writing for senior citizens
  • Web-writing for hospitality
  • Writing for chat bots
  • Six specialisms

    1 Training expertise

    A young man in glasses presenting on a stage at an arts communication course in Singapore.

    Our expertise is the product of sustained work by industry leaders and qualified instructional designers specialising in adult learning. These qualities are collectively embedded into a single goal: to ensure each of our workshops prepares learners to meet the complex challenges facing our communities. To achieve this goal, Quantico CCIL’s training team is engaged in research at universities and organisations through industry partnerships in Singapore, Southeast Asia, India, China, and the United Kingdom.

    2 Critical thinking skills

    A young Singaporean woman writing on a whiteboard at an information design course in Singapore.

    Content creation is often seen as a subjective process. But there is an underlying methodology to assessing a piece of content, exploring the ‘why’, ‘how’, and ‘what if’ behind every piece. Quantico CCIL’s critical thinking tools deconstruct this process, challenging learners to adopt a more circumspect attitude towards creation and consumption.

    3 Digital literacy

    A young African man typing on a laptop at a WordPress course in Singapore.

    Using a platform just because everyone else is doing it is not sustainable. Quantico CCIL’s modules go both, behind and beyond the technology — asking what it can do, what it can’t do, and how implementation can work within resources and budgets. This analytical approach leads to strategies that learners can pragmatically adopt and properly apply to content processes.

    4 Rigour and relevance

    A middle-aged African woman talking at a copywriting course in Singapore.

    Organisations and teams want to learn how to use communication to solve everyday business problems. But over-simplistic solutions and formulae rarely work. Quantico CCIL designs workshops that are relevant, rigorous, and uncompromising in research diligence and academic integrity. This is key to the way we conduct training and post-workshop support for every one of our learners.

    5 Composite learning

    A young Singaporean woman writing on post-it notes at a branded and corporate storytelling course in Singapore.

    Because every individual is a composite of their past experience and future aspirations, every workshop incorporates differentiated learning approaches and principles of pedagogy in adult learning. Designing a custom workshop with Quantico CCIL begins with a thorough enquiry into how each module will integrate with a learner’s composite training profile.

    6 Humanised content

    A young Indian woman conducting an online seminar for a content marketing course in Singapore.

    People are at the beginning, middle, and end of every piece of communication. And people are complex, bringing multiple dimensions into every interaction. Quantico CCIL’s approach places the human at the centre of the content creation process, encouraging every learner to reflect on their audiences’ expressed and unexpressed goals at every stage.


    Quantico CCIL applies an extensive and thoroughly accountable customisation process for individual workshops, short talks, and long-term training. Custom workshops are designed to accrue value for your organisation and generate trust in your teams’ abilities. The customisation process takes into account four areas:

  • 1. Learner profiles, including portfolios, extant challenges, desired outcomes, and modes of application
  • 2. Organisational content and platforms, including existing and new possibilities for engagement
  • 3. Organisational objectives, including employee and stakeholder buy-in, and brand considerations
  • 4. Audiences expectations, including existing and new audience markets, segments, and profiles
  • Venue

    Locations: Custom training sessions are conducted onsite, at your organisation’s venue, or offsite either in Singapore or overseas. Our team will work with you to find an appropriate venue. For nursing rooms, prayer rooms, or other personal requests, please get in touch [+].

    Accessibility: All our training facilities are wheelchair-friendly with lift access. Our team will be able to facilitate most accessibility requests, including use of wheelchairs or walking aids, visual and hearing impairments, and any physical or mental health requirements.

    Hospitality: Catering is offered at most Quantico CCIL venues, including Halal and vegetarian options. In most cases, caterers will attempt to accommodate all dietary requirements, when possible, for specialised meals, restrictions, and gluten, nut, soy, and lactose allergies.

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