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Flexibility during circuit breaker measures

In light of the Circuit Breaker measures, we understand that participants require online training, and flexible schedules when working and caring for family at home.

All workshops and courses are live-streamed and have been made available online. In line with government stimulus plans, subsidies have been applied to most workshops for Singapore residents.

Participants can break any workshop or course into shorter segments, and go through activities and discussions online with their instructor at their own time. Most workshops and courses can therefore be completed over maximum 14 days.

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Center for Communication + Information Literacy

Customise a workshop.

Your learning requirements are unique. Let’s meet them. Customise a one-of-a-kind training experience exclusively for your organisation.

Pick from our library of assets, or work with us to design modules from scratch that scale with your teams and vision.

Increased Flexibility for Attendance + Completion.

In light of the Circuit Breaker measures, we understand that participants require online training, and flexible schedules when working and caring for family at home. Participants can break any workshop or course into shorter segments, and go through activities and discussions online with their instructor at their own time. Most workshops and courses can therefore be completed over maximum 14 days.

Custom workshops




Quantico CCIL designs custom workshops for your organisation. Customise any of our public courses, or work with us to design a new workshop just for your teams, based on industry needs, skill sets, and subject areas.

The following is a list of custom workshops which we have designed and conducted for individual organisations (2017–2019).

Content Culture and Leadership

Internal Communication

Market Research and Content Strategy

Print Marketing: Relevance and Impact

Customer Service Communication

The Un-Copywriter: Establishing Expertise

Product Naming

Writing Effective EDMs

Crafting Consumer Influence

Audience Discovery Workshop

Humanising Public Sector Communication

Résumés and Personal Brands

Search Sense: Bricks to Clicks — Building Online Durability

Employee Portal Content Strategy

Writing Media Releases

Content Marketing Strategy for E-Newsletters

Employer Branding Content Strategy

Video Storytelling

Social by People: Branding Human Stories

Effective Email Communication

Search Engine Content Optimisation Strategies

Personal Branding for Women in STEM

Humanising Communication

Editorial Guide Development and Training

Research and Academic Writing

Blogging for Consumer Engagement

Thought Leadership on Facebook and LinkedIn

Copywriting for Millennial and Gen Z Audiences

CV Writing for Senior Citizens

Web Writing for Hospitality

State of the Web: Understanding Digital Content

Writing for Chat Bots

Custom workshops




Quantico CCIL’s communication and training methodologies are the product of sustained expert advice from leading academics and highly-trusted specialists in adult education and learning.

Our instructors are constantly engaged in ongoing research at universities and through industry partnerships, to ensure our courses meet the challenges and complexities facing our learners.

Developing critical thinking skills: Content, writing, and communication are often seen as ‘vague’ or ‘subjective’ initiatives which are based on individual opinions. There is, however, an underlying methodology to assessing a piece of content, exploring the ‘why’, the ‘how’, and the ‘what if’ behind every piece of content. Quantico’s tools and frameworks break this process down, challenging learners to think more critically about the content they create, and the content they consume.

Applying technological literacy: Technological literacy goes beyond knowing how to use a tool. Learning the features of a digital tool is not enough. Using a social platform because everyone else is doing it is not sustainable. Quantico goes behind and beyond the tech, exploring the ideas behind the tool, what it can do, what it can’t do, how to implement the intelligent and realistic use of technology that works within resources and budgets, and how to work within licensing or security parameters. This critical, analytical approach produces pragmatic strategies that work on the ground, and that users and teams can adopt more seamlessly. This is technological literacy at Quantico.

Humanising content: People are at the beginning, middle, and end of every piece of communication. Whether a piece of content targets customers, businesses, or any other entity, organisations are not the ones who make decisions. Humans make decisions. And humans are complex, bringing multiple dimensions into every interaction with a piece of communication. Quantico’s approach places the audience at the centre of the content creation process, and encourages learners to consider their audiences’ expressed and unexpressed goals at every stage.

Designing with rigour and relevance: Organisations need to learn how to use communication to solve everyday business problems. But over-simplistic solutions and formulae rarely work. A debate is ongoing in business schools, professional development providers, and academia, about the balance between rigour and relevance, and how to address it in training and adult learning. At the heart of this debate is Quantico’s approach to learning and training. Quantico develops workshops to be usable and applicable without compromising the integrity of deep research and insight. This is one of the most challenging problems we address every day, and integral to the way we design workshops, discussions, tools, frameworks, and resources. And we always provide opportunities to spark discussions and inspire more in-depth discovery for participants who choose to explore an issue further.

Inspiring composite learners: Every individual has multiple dimensions and is a composite of their previous experience and future aspirations. Quantico’s workshops do simply give learners information, because a learner does not only exist in the space and time during a training session. Incorporating pedagogy research, differentiated learning approaches, and principles in adult education and learning, Quantico’s workshops and tools are designed to work for composite learners and integrate with the individual’s training and implementation processes.

Custom workshops




Quantico CCIL applies an extensive and thoroughly accountable customisation process for individual workshops, short talks, and long-term training programmes.

Each custom workshop is designed to accrue value for your organisation and generate trust in your teams’ abilities. The customisation process takes into account four main areas:

1 Learner profiles, including participant profiles and portfolios, challenges, desired outcomes, and modes of application

2 Organisational content and platforms, including existing and new platforms and content

3 Organisational goals, including engagement, business goals, and brand considerations

4 Audiences expectations, including existing and new audience profiles and segments

Custom workshops




Quantico training sessions are conducted onsite at your organisation’s venue, or at an offsite retreat of your choice, in Singapore or overseas. Our Skills Team will work with you to set up an appropriate venue for your custom session.

Quantico CCIL training facilities are located in Singapore’s Central Business District.

Accessibility: All our training facilities are wheelchair-accessible with lift access. Our team can facilitate accessibility requests, including use of wheelchairs or walking aids, visual and hearing impairments, and any physical or mental health circumstances that requires specialised support.

F&B: Catering services are offered at all Quantico CCIL venues, including Halal and vegetarian options available. Catering services may not be able to comply with other dietary restrictions such as strict vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or nut-free requirements, so please check with us if participants have any specific requirements or allergies.

Other requests: For nursing rooms, prayer rooms, or other personal requests, please get in touch with the Quantico Skills Team.

Contact Us: Quantico CCIL maintains a central help-desk for all custom workshop-related queries. Call us at +(65) 6573 7370 or at +(65) 6832 5115 to speak directly with a course convenor, or visit our contact page for more options.

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Require assistance? Call us at +(65) 6573 7370 or email us at group[@]qc.sg