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Arts Communication

Courses and resources for artists & arts organisations

Arts communication is much more than arts marketing. Go beyond consumption by drawing audiences into meaningful conversations. Find relevant training and resources to make a case for the arts.


Courses may be eligible for funding under the National Arts Council’s Capability Development Scheme for the Arts. This grant supports self-employed persons and employees of arts organisations as they upskill through training programmes.

The grant applies to all courses conducted until 31 March 2021. Grant applications, however, close on 14 September 2020 at 5.00pm. The grant covers up to 90% of course fees, including absentee payroll of S$10 per hour for organisations, and training allowance of S$10 per hour for self-employed persons.


I want to…
understand arts communication

Artists and arts practitioners grapple with communicating the value of their work to their audiences, an issue that has taken centre-stage during the pandemic. Discover why arts communication is so much more than marketing or public relations. Realise your role as a public educator, and how you can raise awareness for your art form.

The resources in this section help you:
• understand the arts communication perspective
• appreciate how communication differs from marketing
• develop audience engagement and content initiatives
• plan ahead for your digital and non-digital projects

Free Arts Communication Course

Attend Arts Communication Fundamentals, a free four-hour session that covers the most pressing questions around arts communication and gives you a way forward to better strategies.


Arts Communication Guide

Explore challenges, opportunities, and strategies in arts communication.


I want to…
set goals and build skills

As the arts landscape undergoes profound changes, artists and arts organisations are aiming to survive, transition, and thrive in the post-pandemic era. Arts communication strategies identify specific objectives and skill sets that fulfil these aims. These five skill sets are writing; storytelling; editorial strategy; audience analysis; data analysis.

The resources in this section help you:
• assess your current situation and identify your goals
• learn the five skills required to succeed at arts communication

Arts Communication Course

Attend a two-day Arts Communication Course. Up to 90% funding may be available from NAC.


Communication Field Guide

Learn how the communications industry works, from PR and corporate communication, to marketing and social media content.


I want to…
grow more capabilities

Arts communication strategies should grow with you. Go deeper into the issues that are central to your engagement strategies. Learn how to sustain your initiatives and increase your knowledge of arts communication.

The resources in this section help you:
• build capabilities in communication and content practices
• implement organisation-wide initiatives with existing assets
• keep up to date on communication best practices

Copywriting Course

Learn how to use language to influence people. Up to 90% funding may be available from NAC.


Digital & Content Marketing Course

Build a content-driven, audience-centric marketing strategy. Up to 90% funding may be available from NAC.


Branded Storytelling Course

Make your brand narrative stand out with storytelling strategies. Up to 90% funding may be available from NAC.


WordPress Course

Build a WordPress website and code with HTML, CSS, and basic JS. Up to 90% funding may be available from NAC.


Customised Training

Customise one-off or ongoing training for your organisation. Up to 90% funding may be available from NAC.


Resources & Learning

Continue learning about communication, language, and content.

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