Professional Writer Programme (PWP-0A)

Professional Writer Programme


Breaking into the professional writing landscape is rewarding, but the topography of the landscape evolves quickly. Becoming a professional writer then goes beyond writing: we have to stand out from serious competition in a saturated market, and learn how to deal with the nuanced realities of copywriting projects. This one-on-one coached programme has been tailored to meet these challenges. PWP is for individuals seriously considering a mid-career switch, domain experts performing in demanding environments, and those entering the content industry but are unsure of how to build a professional portfolio and reputation.

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“There are many resources on how to write better, and for me at least, trying to decide the ‘right’ way to draft something for a specific channel can get overwhelming at times. What I appreciated about each Quantico course was that a good part of each workshop was dedicated to helping us understand the ‘why’ behind each technique, and how it could be used in our organisations.”

Letitia Tan

Core modules

PWP comprises six core modules. Up to two optional specialist modules may be added in the first half of the programme. At the end of each module, you will have (i) acquired key writing skills, (ii) learnt how to manage projects and clients, (iii) worked on two writing projects from start to finish, (iv) added these projects to your writing portfolio, and (v) formed a plan for operating as a freelance writer and growing your client base.


Professional writing project management

writing project management processes

client communication and feedback

effective workflows and briefs

draft and iteration management

collaborations with creative professionals


Audience research methods for copywriters

audience behaviour research

engagement-based audience segmentation

ethnographic research methods

audience language pattern analysis

audience prioritisation strategy


Digital copywriting and technical writing skills

competitor identification and research

digital copy evaluation

attention transactions in digital copy

key approaches to technical writing

persuasion and rhetoric

technical document conventions and formats


Print and outdoor copywriting and long form writing

visual literacy principles for print and outdoor messages

storytelling techniques to create a narrative

attention spans in print and outdoor environments

storyboards for long form content

brand and corporate storytelling skills

story angles and interviews


Corporate communication, media writing, and public affairs writing

essentials of writing for the media

media releases and media responses

conventions and formats for media releases

public affairs writing and influence

approaches to public affairs writing

public affairs writing and thought leadership


Growing a professional freelance business

freelance writing business setup and operations

personal branding for professional writers

business resources in Singapore

mental health management for professional writers

business and marketing plan development

business growth for professional writers

Optional specialist modules

These modules offer additional training for specific industries. You will learn how writing and communication works alongside the particular concerns of your chosen industry. These industries are growing rapidly and require distinctive skills to solve very unique writing challenges, so this is an opportunity to find and specialise in a niche.

The specialist tracks currently offered in this programme are:

Education (including Higher Education)

Arts and Cultural Industry

Sustainability and Clean Energy

Nonprofits, Advocacy, or Religious Organisations

Science, Technology, and Engineering

Healthcare or Medical Technology


Specialist writing in your selected industry

main concerns, trends, and challenges for writing in the specialist track

forms and genres of writing commonly used in the specialist track

client concerns unique to the specialist track


Growing a writing niche in your selected industry

breaking into the specialist track as a professional writer

audience growth strategies

opportunities in the writing landscape

“The copywriting course conducted by Deepa was in-depth, practical and most importantly engaging. Even though it was conducted online, there were plenty of hands-on activities allowing participants to apply the principles of copywriting to possible write-ups useful across different platforms. The feedback and practical advice given has also been incredibly insightful.”

Ong Eve