Introduction to Writing with AI (IWA-01)

Writing with AI Course Singapore


Augment the impact of your writing with relevant AI tools.

Writing with AI Course

AI is the digital intern that copywriters and content strategists have been waiting for: the value-added resource to make your workflow easier. From ChatGPT to GPT-4 to Bard to DALL-E and beyond, AI can speed up copywriting processes and support content strategy and development in virtually any industry. Introduction to Writing with AI gives you the ability to discern the best use of AI when crafting your copy and planning your content. Learn to use AI with confidence as your digital writing intern. This course is covered by the ASEAN subsidy for eligible participants.

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Legally resident in any of the 10 ASEAN member states:
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Fee and subsidy
S$550.00 (S$357.50 after applying ASEAN subsidy). GST is not charged for this course.

1 day (9:30am – 4:30pm)

Live-streamed interactive
Maximum 8 participants

Conducted in English

Course modules

Modules offer participants comprehensive insights into the subject matter, drawing from academic and industry research.

1 AI: your newest team member

  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of AI
  • Assessing which AI tools you need
  • Decoding the multiple features of AI writing tools
  • Staying ahead of the AI (r)evolution
  • Ethical and responsible AI-powered writing
  • Security and privacy when writing with AI
  • 2 Ideation techniques with AI

  • AI prompts and techniques for audience insights
  • Using AI to explore and research story angles
  • Creative content ideation with AI
  • ‘Teaching’ AI your brand voice
  • Refining your AI prompts to suit your workflow
  • Awareness of AI bias
  • 3 The AI-assisted writing process

  • Generating and repurposing content with an AI
  • Discovering emotional and relevant content angles
  • Techniques to make your AI content stand out
  • Writing tasks to delegate to AI
  • Writing tasks that should not be delegated to AI
  • Short and long form copywriting techniques
  • 4 Beyond writing with AI

  • Using AI for multiple content formats
  • What AI does not know
  • The AI-powered brainstorming process
  • Market research techniques and prompts
  • Industry-specific challenges of AI
  • Keeping human intelligence in the picture
  • 5 Beyond your course

  • Learning continues long after a course ends, with lifelong access to all of your instructors, through CCIL Qrowd™. Regular post-course meet-ups, one-on-one refreshers, and free advanced courses mean full support for content marketers and creators.
  • Course objectives

    Delivering clear professional learning outcomes for people of all abilities and ambitions.

    I will understand:

  • What AI can do and how to interact with AI tools
  • The potential and pitfalls of AI-powered copywriting
  • The role of AI in copywriting and content development
  • I will be able to:

  • Leverage AI as a team member or digital assistant
  • Use a range of AI tools to speed up and enhance my copywriting processes
  • Make copywriting initiatives more enjoyable and rewarding with AI
  • This course does not:

  • cover in-depth storytelling: please see Branded Storytelling Course →
  • cover principles of copywriting: please see Copywriting Course →
  • Course applications

    Relevant and reliable training that meets the demand for increasingly sophisticated communication skills.

    Understanding artificial intelligence as a useful team member—rather than a fully independent consultant—is crucial to leveraging its abilities. Much like Google search, which revolutionised the way information was indexed and presented, the technology underpinning AI is best utilised when enhancing rather than replacing human input. This is because while an AI can produce convincing-looking text many times faster than people, the system relies on emulating our behaviours. In other words, AI takes it directions from human expertise. Better the expertise, better the AI performs. This partnership of competencies is what powers effective AI-assisted content creation.

    This course focuses on helping participants understand the usefulness of AI as a tool to help write quality content. We will explore a range of AI tools on the market, and learn the ones that best fit our specific needs. Importantly, we will learn how to make AI fit with our standards and objectives for written communication, instead of trying to force content strategies to fit within the confines of the technology. Upon completing this writing course for AI, you will be able to enhance your writing capabilities and further streamline your content processes by matching the right tools to your writing projects.

    Course convenor

    Learn from academic and leading industry experts

    Course instructors
    Meet the training team →

    Deepa Vijayan is a trainer and senior communications specialist for government, finance, education, STEM, hospitality, and nonprofit sectors in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Deepa’s practice areas are content marketing, digital culture, branded & corporate storytelling, and arts communication. Her focus is on the intersections between communication and digital culture, healthcare, religion, and the arts.

    Deepa is currently completing another degree in religious studies from the University of London. She is part of the interfaith fellowship programme at the Centre for Interfaith Understanding (CIFU) in Singapore. She has led the team at Quantico CCIL since its founding in 2005 and continues to take a hands-on approach to training our participants in the areas of digital marketing, storytelling, and arts communication. More on your convenor →

    Deepa Vijayan at the Singapore Writers Festival
    Deepa Vijayan serves as a moderator for a publishing panel at the Singapore Writers Festival.

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    Writing with AI Course (May 2024)

    Writing with AI Course Singapore

    1 Tampines North Drive 1, 528559 Singapore The Quantico Centre for Communication & Information Literacy Pte. Ltd. Live-streamed

    Lead Instructor: Deepa Vijayan →


    Writing with AI Course (Aug 2024)

    Writing with AI Course Singapore

    1 Tampines North Drive 1, 528559 Singapore The Quantico Centre for Communication & Information Literacy Pte. Ltd. Live-streamed

    Lead Instructor: Deepa Vijayan →

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