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The Quantico Centre for Communication and Information Literacy invites participants to engage with thoughtful content and design experiences that result in well-timed, well-informed choices.

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Courses run throughout the year, with a frequency of at least one session per month for flagship courses, including Copywriting, Digital & Content Marketing, Branded & Corporate Storytelling, and Arts Communication. Course schedules published on this website are guaranteed to run regardless of the number of pax enrolments. There is no minimum requirement for class sizes, but there is a cap of 8 participants per session to maximise individual attention.

Set my own date
A group of 3 or more participants have the added flexibility of setting their own course dates. This is useful for an organisation looking to send 3 or more team members for a course together at a date convenient for all team members. Simply select ‘Set my own dates’ from the ‘Preferred date’ dropdown, in your course’s enrolment form, then enter up to 3 different dates of your choice. The Skills Team will subsequently confirm one of your indicated dates with you.

Change a mind. Change the world.

Attending a course is more than learning new skills. It’s about gaining the ability to see, predict, and plan new trends in content that shape the future of communications. It’s about leading your industry to the next level of content maturity, and building frameworks that help you really think about why your work should matter — within your organisation and externally to all your stakeholders.

Every course is a product of many hours of meticulous research into past successes and future insights that are shaping current content trends. Learning is as much about gaining answers as it is about asking the right questions, which set you apart as a leader in your field. In other words, every course is about giving you the power to change the minds, and worlds, of your audiences.