About us

The Quantico Centre for Communication & Information Literacy is a training, writing, and publishing think-tank in Singapore. Since our founding, in 2007, we have been a learning resource for government, business, academia, NGOs, charities, and startups, helping solve the communication challenges facing information communities.

Humanising communication

We are enhancing communication and information literacies in communities across Singapore and Southeast Asia through quality learning that expands knowledge and generates good ideas. Our approach made us a leader in the field. Today it keeps us ahead of it.

Our courses [+] move across boundaries of age, culture, and nationalities, to fully embrace global communities of content creators. Our learners acquire literacies in copywriting, content marketing, and branded storytelling, becoming highly valued assets in their communities.

Our team [+] is made up of university lecturers, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, senior industry leaders, and published authors. We establish a spirit of curiosity in our learners, which leads to superior industry knowledge and practices that benefit your organisation.

Service statement

We deliver learning experiences built on a culture of attentiveness, tolerance, and affability. We expect our learners to rely readily on us for relevant skills, and to consistently hold us to standards which exemplify the spirit of service, trust, and dignity. These are the characteristics of the journeys we create every day in our interactions with you.

We are opening up new frontiers, and building mission-critical skills through onsite and online courses in Singapore and the region. In order to maintain our momentum, we labour to (i) exceed the requirements of our clients; (ii) meet our contractual requirements; and (iii) keep improving our quality management and service standards.

Specifically, our commitments cover:

  • responding quickly and efficiently
  • gathering feedback on a regular basis
  • updating our courses and publications
  • ensuring continuous instructor training
  • Management philosophy

    Learning with the best: Your course is facilitated by experienced academic and industry leaders. Each course convenor has the requisite 12 years of experience needed to teach at Quantico CCIL. Our team members have either won awards in their respective fields, or are directly pegged to the ISO 9001:2015 framework within Quantico CCIL to develop training material for market demands.

    Relying on relevance: Your course is proofed for relevance through a series of research and trend-spotting methods that keep your organisation ahead of its markets. We listen to and understand your needs. Then we put these needs through internal surveillance audits to ensure that your learning tools are valid for a minimum of five years.

    Reinventing support: We have raised the bar on innovating lifelong learning support. Because it is not enough to rely on just your notes, you will have lifelong access to all your instructors, 100% free enrolment in advanced courses through CCIL Qrowd™ [+], and the best-in-class post-course support for all your future learning needs.