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We’re fortunate to get several applications for every position at Quantico, so make your application really stand out. To help you get the best out of your application to Quantico, we’ve detailed what we’re specifically looking out for in our newest team member. Please read and get a good feel for all the information detailed here before sending your application.

At Quantico we train the world’s brightest minds. To do this requires an extraordinary team, and an extraordinarily simple tenet: we don’t believe that you have to have specifically done a job that you are going to do, in order to do it well. Instead, talent is assessed by what you’ve done well by yourself – the side projects, the interests you take, the outlook you keep.

Everyone’s done something, regardless of age. Think back to your mindset when you did all those cool things. You don’t necessarily need to have experience if you’re going to do it at Quantico. What you do need is a culture of repeat innovation. If that makes sense to you, we’re sure you’ll fit in really well here.

Welcome to Quantico

Want to make content a better experience for the world? It’s really great that you’re considering a career with us. We are always excited to meet people like you, with the zeal and gusto to revolutionise copywriting and the content industry, everywhere.

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Whether you prefer working from home, your favourite café, or atop a foosball conference table, you’ll be making a difference alongside the best and brightest copywriters, content producers, editors, designers, programmers, and instructors. It’s your adventure.

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Let’s start by getting to know more about how you’d like to make a big positive difference to copywriting and content. Please fill in all the required fields in the application section below. Give plenty of information about you. Be yourself. You’re already special.

Notice of Fair Employment:

Quantico Communications LLP is an equal opportunities employer. We accept, consider, and evaluate applications for careers independent of the applicant’s race, color, religion, gender, nationality, and any other factor prohibited by applicable law. Within the confines of the law of the Republic of Singapore, we may access any information you have made available to us as part of your application and may take this information into account when considering employment suitability. By submitting your application information you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out by us to you. All applications are required to be submitted in English, unless otherwise expressed. All rights are reserved.

Open Positions:

› Senior Copywriter (User Experience)

› Technology Brands Manager (6-month contract)

› Front-End Developer (JavaScript)

› Content Marketing Instructor

› Junior Copywriter (FMCG & Medical)

› Content Trainer (Assistant Course Convenor)

Quantico is a collection of highly talented individuals, formed from a collection of highly talented individuals. In other words, every team member at Quantico has been interviewed by every other member. Our human resources team manages all the applications that come in, but it’s the team that ultimately interviews and makes the decision to extend a position to an applicant.

People and Personalities

Diverse Experiences

Copywriting can be learnt. Content production can be learnt. Design, web programming, editing, publishing – all can be learnt. In fact, when you do come onboard at Quantico, we’ll take you on a full tour of every function that we perform at the firm, from accounting and human resources, to programming and phone support. What we benefit from is the experiences that people bring to these functions – something we can’t teach you; instead, something that you can teach all of us. Whether you’ve got experience being a dog walker, a volunteer with an NGO, or a pilot flying cargo planes, we get excited about not knowing what we’ll learn tomorrow, from you. Of course great career experience is equally important, but it’s not the whole bag. Tell us about your experiences and get us excited about what gets you excited, so we can learn from you. That’s really important to succeed at Quantico.

Serious Interests

We’re looking for people who are seriously passionate about something. This could be anything, whether you’re into singing, cooking, climbing mountains, balancing cheque books, or teaching history. Having a serious passion is important. It means you’re able to commit to something you find special, beyond social motivations. Having serious passion means you’re super interested in something simply because you find it cool. Our work powers the minds and contents of the world’s most influential organisations. Sure it’s a huge responsibility. It’s also deeply satisfying just because it’s cool. This only happens when you get a small group of highly diversified people who are super passionate about something beyond recognition. Our team comprises experts from various fields and not just writing-related. We believe that having serious passion for one thing translates very well across to anything.

Genuine Personalities

We’re a team of many individuals. There’s no I in team, there are three in ‘individuals’. And that’s because a team is only as strong as its least involved member. You may be an extrovert, energised by activity and people. Or you may be an introvert, seeking solace in peace and privacy. Or you’re somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter. People are different. Different is unique. We get that, very well. What we really want is a genuine personality, human beings who aren’t afraid to be who they are. Quantico thrives on a diverse array of individuals, each of whom brings a unique personality to the team. It’s what makes us a strong team and therefore a leader in our field. Be who you are in your application and let that personality come clearly through when you hit that ‘Apply’ button. If you’re serious about making an impact, make this a priority in your application.

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Have you ever been charged with a criminal offence in any country? Note: Possessing a criminal record does not mean automatic disqualification. However, we will be required to conduct additional checks with national and/or state level authorities to comply with Singapore reporting procedures.

Voluntary Disclosure of Disabilities: Do you have any physical or mental disabilities? Note: We ask this question for the sole reason of making the workplace as accessible and hospitable as possible for you.


‹ Terms of This Application ›

Quantico Communications LLP is an equal opportunities employer. Where applicable and within the law, we may access publicly available information as part of your career application. By submitting your application information you state that you have fully read, fully understand, and fully agree to the terms and conditions governing this application.






Successful or Not: We get more applications at Quantico than we have positions to offer, for various positions, with applications to become copywriters being the highest. This means that many do not get into the firm. We understand this can be disappointing, even discouraging. Do not let an unsuccessful application stop you from entering the field. Often an unsuccessful application is a result of making it through to the very end, where the smallest of details become deciding points. However, you should know this field is huge, and constantly expanding so there are typically more vacancies than applicants. Keep looking. If you need additional help, get in touch with us and we’ll put you in contact with our Career Advice Team, who will attempt to help you with your job search. Note that our Career Coach cannot guarantee employment with us or elsewhere.

Becoming Certified: In addition to copywriting and content consulting, Quantico is a major training firm for copywriting and content publishing workshops and courses. We train and certify individuals and teams from government, public institutions, enterprise, startups, business, and career developers. If feasible, attend a copywriting workshop and get professionally certified. Attending a Quantico workshop may increase your chances of getting a job or internships at the firm. However, it does not necessarily mean we can automatically offer you a job, nor does it guarantee employment of any kind with us or elsewhere. When you attend a Quantico copywriting workshop, (a) you get to know the field from both, a professional and an academic perspective, and (b) we have the opportunity to meet and get to know you better in person, which is always nice.