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To help you get the best out of your application to Quantico, we’ve detailed what we’re specifically looking out for in our newest team member. Please read and get a good feel for all of the information detailed here before submitting your application.

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Welcoming You to Quantico.

A career at Quantico is an opportunity to experience how meaningful communication creates meaningful connections between minds and brands. We are always excited to meet people like you, with the zeal and energy to improve, and even redefine, the content industry, everywhere.

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach.

At Quantico we train the world’s brightest minds. To do this requires an exceptional team, as well as several exceptions: for example, we don’t believe you need to have prior experience with a specific job in order to do it well. Instead, your talent is assessed by what you’ve done well by yourself – the side projects, the interests you take, the outlook you keep. What you need is a cross-disciplinary approach to learning and improving human communication. If that makes sense to you, we’re sure you’ll fit in easily here.

Diverse Experiences.

Copywriting can be learnt. Content production can be learnt. Design, web programming, editing, publishing – all can be learnt. In fact, when you do come onboard at Quantico, we’ll take you on a full tour of every function that we perform at the firm, from accounting and human resources, to programming and phone support. What we benefit from is the experiences that people bring to these functions – something we can’t teach you; instead, something that you can teach all of us. While a strong career track is important, we want to learn and benefit from your character and your experiences, whether you’ve been a dog walker, volunteering with an NGO, or piloting cargo planes.

Serious Interests.

We’re looking for people who are seriously interested about a field of study. This could be anything: singing in a choir, cooking, mountain-climbing, or teaching history. Having a serious interest is more than just being passionate. It means you’re able to commit to something you find special, beyond social and emotional motivations. Our work powers the minds and contents of the world’s most influential organisations. This happens when you get a group of people whose interest in projects goes well beyond achieving recognition. Our team comprises experts from various fields, not just writing-related. We believe that having a serious interest in any discipline translates well across all disciplines.

Genuine Personalities.

We’re a team of many individuals. There’s no I in team; there are three in ‘individuals’. A team is only as strong as its least involved member. You may be an extrovert, energised by activity and people. Or you may be an introvert, seeking solace in peace and privacy. Or you’re somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter. People are different. Different is unique. What we are looking for is a genuine personality, human beings who aren’t afraid to be who they are. Quantico thrives on the character of each individual who brings authenticity to the team. Authenticity made us a leader in our field, and authenticity keeps us ahead of it. Be who you are in your application and let that personality come clearly through. If you’re serious about making an impact, make this a priority in your application.

Submitting An Application.

Please look at each of the open positions and get to know their respective requirements before submitting an application. Each of the open positions has information on roles and expectations. When submitting an application please also complete all required fields. You must answer truthfully all questions.

Accepting & Rejecting Applications.

We get more applications at Quantico than we have positions to offer, with applications for copywriters being the highest. This means saying no to amazing candidates more often than yes. The firm’s needs will and does evolve with changing economic and social trends. We understand this can be disappointing, even discouraging.

Do not let an unsuccessful application stop you from entering the field. Quite often an unsuccessful application is a result of making it through to the very end, where the smallest of details become deciding points. However, you should know this field is huge, and constantly expanding so there are typically more vacancies than applicants.

Keep looking and don’t stop applying to organisations that interest you. If you need additional help, get in touch with us and we’ll attempt to put you in contact with our Career Advice Team, who will try to help you with your job search. Note also that our Career Coach cannot guarantee employment or placement with us or elsewhere.

Becoming Certified.

In addition to copywriting and content consulting, Quantico is a major training firm for copywriting and content publishing workshops and courses. We train and certify individuals and teams from government, public institutions, enterprise, startups, business, and career developers. If a talented applicant misses a position, we may sponsor that applicant at a workshop.

This does not necessarily mean we can automatically offer you a job, nor does it guarantee employment of any kind with us or elsewhere. When you attend a Quantico copywriting workshop, (a) you get to know the field from both, a professional and an academic perspective, and (b) we have the opportunity to meet and get to know you better in person, which is always nice.

You should keep in mind this field is huge, and constantly expanding so there are typically more vacancies than applicants across the big picture. Connect with us and others on social channels and above all keep an open mind, and a patient and professional attitude towards a career in communications since this is a key skill recruiters look for.

Listed Positions

Senior Copywriter – Pharmaceuticals

As a senior copywriter familiar with pharmaceuticals and medical communication, you will be working with Quantico’s health and welfare clients to help them understand their communication strategies and implement their content across digital channels and devices. You will oversee a team of 3 junior copywriters and work with Quantico’s and our clients’ brand communications teams.
Full-time position

Based in Singapore

4+ years experience in any academic discipline, or if applying from an industry-based role then 8+ experience working in health communications

Typical number of applicants: 24

Typical number shortlisted: 3

Technology Brands Manager (18-month contract)

As a technology brands manager you will be heading Quantico’s partner program, helping our technology clients communicate their brand and their ideologies to their customers and consumers. It is essential that you have some coding experience with frontend technologies since many of your ideas will also require implementation and prototyping in the early stages of these projects.
Contract position for 18 months with an option to renew for another 12 months

Based in Singapore

4+ years experience in any academic discipline, or if applying from an industry-based role then 10+ experience working in branding or product development

Typical number of applicants: 24

Typical number shortlisted: 6

Machine Learning – Assistant Systems Administration

As an assistant machine learning specialist you will be helping our ML and AI research group, focusing on content generation for websites and apps. Initially you will be helping develop systems within Quantico, with emphasis on integrating our currently discrete platforms, where feasible. Following this period, you will be part of our IT Research teams in Southeast Asia and Greater China, focusing on both development and upskilling.
Full-time position

Based in Singapore

3+ years experience in AI + ML + CS, or if applying from an industry-based role then 5+ experience working in machine learning, probability and statistical computing, Python development, or Java development

Typical number of applicants: 12

Typical number shortlisted: 5

Next Steps After Your Application Has Been Successfully Submitted:

A member of the Careers Team will now review your application and will reply to you within 7 business days. We try to reply to each application, and in most cases we do this within 3 to 4 business days, depending on the volume of applications.

Replying to Your Application With an Invitation, Rejection, or Further Questions:

We know you would like a reply as soon as possible and we aim to respond with a minimum of delays. However this is not always possible and we ask that you contact us for a reply if we have not corresponded with you after more than 7 working days.

Making Any Changes to your Application Before Submitting for Processing:

Your form data is normally saved locally on your machine during your web-browsing session. After you have submitted your application, any data in the fields will be emptied.

Making Any Changes to your Application After Submitting for Processing:

You can email us at group[at]qc.sg with your full name and your email address, along with any amendments that you would like to make to your application.