It appears you like seeing things through to the very end. We like that about you. Do consider a career with us.


The Quantico Centre for Communication and Information Literacy is looking forward to welcoming our newest team member. From internships to regional leadership roles, a career at Quantico CCIL gives you the opportunity to work with the best and brightest minds around the world.

Welcoming you

A position at Quantico CCIL is a gateway to experiencing how communication can create rewarding connections between minds and brands. We are eager to meet people with the zeal and energy to build, improve, and even redefine, the content industry, everywhere. We pick our teams with great care and care greatly about each and every member.

We receive more applications than we currently have positions for, especially for full-time roles and internships. It is therefore extremely important that your application meets the standards set by our human resources and talent network team. We are a think-tank and therefore seek people with research backgrounds.

Our training team [+] is led by university lecturers and doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, senior industry leaders, and published authors. Applicants therefore need to: (i) have a strong background in academia and (ii) possess a mindset and attitude that challenges and enhances current content practices.

Having an approach

The world’s best and brightest brains come to Quantico CCIL to learn and to train, and also for inspiration. Delivering exceptional results every time requires an exceptional team, as well as several exceptions: we do not believe you need to have a prior background for a specific job in order to perform that job well.

We are looking for people with a cross-disciplinary approach to communication and information; finding and drawing out connections between several disparate fields that produce original and relevant perspectives of our world. This quality is what differentiates us, and this is what we are looking for in our team members.

Several team leaders are specialists in music, photography, design, business, and theology. Being able to draw out, validate, and make use of relationships between different disciplines is highly valued at Quantico CCIL. If this is your approach to learning and working, we are confident you will fit in well here.

Making an impact

We are a team of many individuals, and a team is as effective as its least involved member. So it does not matter whether you’re an extrovert, energised by activity and people, or an introvert in search of solace and quietude, or somewhere in between. People are different and we want you to bring you to the mix.

We are looking for genuine personalities, human beings who are not afraid to be who they are. We benefit from the many experiences people bring to the firm; not just the stuff which we can teach you, but equally the stuff that you can teach all of us, and our clients who are looking to you for guidance.

Authenticity has made us a leader in our field, and authenticity keeps us ahead of it. Be who you are in your application and let that come clearly through. If you are serious about making an impact, make this a priority in your application. Many applications that don’t make it to the end are lacking in this aspect.

Receiving a decision

We get more applications than we have positions to offer, with applications for copywriters being the highest, and this means saying no to amazing candidates. Quantico CCIL’s hiring needs evolve with changing economic and political trends. Nonetheless, we understand this can be disappointing, even discouraging.

Do not let an unsuccessful application stop you from entering the field. Quite often an unsuccessful application is a result of making it through to the end, where the smallest of details wind up becoming deciding factors. However, this industry is constantly expanding with more vacancies than applicants.

Keep looking and do not stop applying to organisations that interest you. If you need additional support, get in touch [+] with us so we can attempt to put you in contact with our Career Coach to help you with your job search. Note also that our Career Coach cannot guarantee employment with us or elsewhere.

Getting certified

In addition to copywriting and content consulting, Quantico CCIL is also a major training provider for communication and information courses [+]. We train teams and individuals from government, public and private enterprise, NGOs, and local startups. If a talented applicant misses a position, we may sponsor that applicant at a matching course.

This does not necessarily mean we can automatically offer you a job, nor does it guarantee employment of any kind with us or anyone else. When you attend any Quantico CCIL course, you learn about that topic from both a professional and an academic perspective, and we gain the opportunity to meet you and answer your questions in person.

It helps to bear in mind this field is vast, and constantly expanding so there are more vacancies than applicants, across the big picture. Connect with us [+] and others on social channels and above all keep an open, inquiring mind, and adopt a patient, professional attitude towards a career in communications since this is a key skill recruiters look for.

Preparing to apply

Ready to start an application? Please look through the current listed positions, or make an open application. Once you have made a decision, please use the form below to complete and submit your application in full. You can apply to one or multiple positions so long as each application is made and submitted separately per position applied for.

Positions (2)

Senior copywriter (general skills)

Position: Senior copywriter (general skills) — SC/FT/05082020
Quantico CCIL is looking for a full-time senior copywriter with general skills. You will be working with Quantico CCIL’s clients to help them understand their communication strategies and implement their content across digital channels and devices. You will oversee a team of 4 junior copywriters and work with external brand communications teams. A significant portion of your work will involve making management decisions, laying out content strategy for client teams, and approving proofs for final distribution. You will have ultimate say in most copywriting projects and clients will rely on you to set timelines and meet deadlines.

Contract: Full-time position

General requirements: 8+ years experience in any academic discipline, or if applying from an industry-based role then 5+ experience working in communications, branding, content planning, or media strategy (but not general marketing). We typically prefer PhD and masters degree holders, but your working experience will significantly count towards an offer of employment. Your fluency in English must at minimum be at a UK masters degree level. Fluency in other languages is a plus.

Typical number of applicants: 18

Typical number shortlisted: 4

Frontend designer

Position: Frontend designer — FE/CB/13042021
Quantico CCIL is looking for a frontend designer to work with us on a contract basis. You will be responsible for building and developing our websites, and helping us create better user experiences. You will be working with the head of customer services, bringing your wed development and design skills to creating great online experiences.

Contract: 12-month contract

General requirements: 4+ years experience in a web/app design and development environment. A basic degree from a recognised university or college is required but not necessary for this role, subject to the technical interview. Your fluency in English must at minimum be at a UK bachelors degree level.

Typical number of applicants: 15

Typical number shortlisted: 4


Terms and conditions

Please read and understand the terms and conditions [+] before proceeding with this service or contact us for further clarification.

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