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Nonprofits and social responsibility initiatives need meaningful, authentic content that communicates real value.

Cause-driven content creates unique meaning for always-on audiences. Content Strategy for NGOs and CSR addresses key challenges that organisations face on digital platforms, social media, and offline. From climate to community, nonprofits and social enterprises draw audiences, educate the public, and secure funds by highlighting the underlying values of a cause or movement. This workshop trains participants to develop content and strategies that express these values in meaningful and relevant ways, to push a cause further and build strong and enduring relationships with your communities.

Content Strategy for NGOs + CSR + Workshop Overview.

Nonprofits, social enterprises, and even businesses now face a new imperative: to communicate about their values and initiatives, with wider and more diverse audiences than ever before. From the fear of greenwashing to the rise of slacktivism, cause-driven content now enters into new and complex dimensions, in a social and digital space where misinformation and multiple voices abound.

This workshops addresses the urgent need for content creators to talk about causes and social responsibility in a more relevant and meaningful manner. We will analyse the main challenges facing nonprofits and businesses when creating content that communicates values, and how to identify platforms, develop strategies, and create content that stands out.

Cost + Subsidy:
S$550 nett.
Inclusive of all taxes
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1-day workshop
9:30am – 4:30pm

No content knowledge is assumed. (Conducted in English)
Participants are free to bring their own computers or tablets.
Modules mix academic theory with role-based applications.

In-person teaching and delivery.
1:9 (instructor-student ratio)
Option to complete this workshop fully online

All your learning materials and module notes are part of the workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring their own case studies and work queries so as to maximise individual attention.

Content Strategy for NGOs + CSR Workshops are conducted at the Quantico Centre for Communication + Information Literacy (CCIL) at One Fullerton, or at Quantico’s training offices in Raffles Place and Asia Square (Singapore).

Content Strategy for NGOs + CSR Workshop Topics.


Sustainable strategies that work within budgets

Evaluating platforms and credibility

Building communities around causes

Global reach: cross-platform strategies

Integrating digital frameworks with offline initiatives


Audience needs in cause-driven content

Differing personas and individual preferences

Donor fatigue vs long-term commitment

Echo chambers and slacktivism

Going outside the cause: finding new audiences


Formats that matter for causes that matter

Intersecting genres: unexpected content types

Content creation with limited resources

Case studies and success stories

Long and short form content


Balancing emotion and logic with language

Balancing depth and breadth with structure

Creating credible voices and stories

The greenwashing effect: building relevance into content

Visuals, video, and sound: immersive experiences

Areas of Practice and Application

This workshop supports content creators, communications professionals, designers, and copywriters in nonprofits, businesses, and social enterprises as they develop techniques and strategies to talk about their causes, corporate social responsibility, and public awareness initiatives across fundraising, CSR reporting, thought leadership, digital marketing, social media platforms, annual reports, media relations, events, employer branding, and public education campaigns.

Workshop Insights.

Content Strategy for NGOs and CSR is about striking a balance between value and interest. Participants learn and address multiple aspects of their work, including:

Being heard outside the echo chamber

How much can we talk about ourselves?

Getting internal buy-in from employees

Engagement vs real advocacy

Creating content within limitations

Discussing sensitive or controversial topics

Workshop Objectives.

Content Strategy for NGOs and CSR fulfils six key learning objectives. On completion you will be able to:

Become aware of the key issues, trends, and challenges affecting digital and offline communication in the nonprofit sector

Understand the key approaches to content creation and storytelling

Understand the opportunities and challenges presented by social and static platforms

Construct and use audience personas to create engaging content for existing and new audiences

Start or continue your own digital or content initiatives with more confidence and enthusiasm

Beyond Your Content Strategy for NGOs + CSR Workshop.

Support doesn’t stop when the workshop is over. You will continue to implement complex digital culture assets into your organisation through simple, systematic approaches that analyse your brand’s communication across digital properties and offline consumer touch-points. You will also keep up the process of performing a goal audit, managing digital assets, setting up internal structures and resources, and managing the process of digital transformation. Quantico’s community support is free and for life. Your post-workshop support keeps you connected to your instructors and keeps the momentum going. Keep in touch and keep coming back for more help and insights on creating a sound digital culture around your messages and community.

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Content Strategy for NGOs + CSR Workshop Schedule 2020.

Content Strategy for NGOs + CSR Workshops listed under this schedule are confirmed and will run as scheduled.


Content Strategy for NGOs + CSR Workshop (Feb 2020)
Content Strategy for NGOs + CSR Workshop in Singapore
One Fullerton #02-01 049213 Singapore
Centre for Communication and Information Literacy (CCIL)

Lead Instructors: Deepa Vijayan


Content Strategy for NGOs + CSR Workshop (May 2020)
Content Strategy for NGOs + CSR Workshop in Singapore
One Fullerton #02-01 049213 Singapore
Centre for Communication and Information Literacy (CCIL)

Lead Instructors: Deepa Vijayan

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