Advanced Copywriting Programme (Singapore).

an advanced, self-paced programme for experienced copywriters looking to upskill, expand their portfolios, and manage complex project lifecycles across diverse teams and demanding timelines

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  • Advanced Copywriting Programme (in-person or fully online)


The Advanced Copywriting Programme is a four-unit programme, specifically made for experienced copywriters, and is conducted at a self-set pace. Most participants tend to complete the programme within four weeks, learning 2-4 hours per week. The maximum period for completion is eight weeks.

You will be taught by Quantico CCIL’s senior instructors — university lecturers, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, top industry leaders, and published authors — to ensure you gain maximum knowledge, experience, and exposure that benefits your processes and career prospects.

The Advanced Copywriting Programme will give participants the ability to:

Learn new and existing frameworks which elevate copywriting to next-level customer demands and areas of application

Embed textual analysis, contextualisation, normative reasoning, and brand narratives into existing copywriting imperatives

Write smarter, more humanised copy across omnichannel platforms, social expectations, and document genres

Take on complex projects with confidence

Note: this is an advanced, fully self-paced programme for copywriters with significant experience. If you require a more rigorous foundation, visit our flagship copywriting course page.

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This programme comprises four main units. Each unit requires 1 hour of contact time in-person or online with a senior instructor, and 2-3 hours of private study beyond the in-person session. During private study participants are encouraged to contact their instructor with questions or observations.

Each unit consists of background reading and exercises. Copywriters are given the option to choose exercises that best suit their learning needs, in close consultation with instructors. When ready, each exercise is submitted for full review and will receive feedback based on industry rubrics.

Programme units:

1. The praxis of copywriting

2. Genre, form, and structure

3. Narrative, perspective, and empathy

4. Mood, emotion, and rhetoric

Typical self-paced schedule

Week 1: Unit 1
1 hour contact + 2 hours private study

Week 2: Unit 2
1 hour contact + 3 hours private study

Week 3: Unit 3
1 hour contact + 3 hours private study

Week 4: Unit 4
1 hour contact + 2 hours private study

Week 5: Assessment
Final project review and feedback


The Advanced Copywriting Programme is assessed via ongoing formative evaluations per unit, and a final copywriting project. The final project can come from the copywriter’s own practice and work or be assigned by the instructor or assessments moderator.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded at the end of the programme to successful participants. Copywriters can request for testimonials from their instructor, and are also invited to join Quantico CCIL’s content development community for opportunities to work on live copywriting projects.

Copywriters can complete this programme in a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of eight weeks. Following the end of week eight, copywriters may have to re-apply or re-submit earlier unit evaluations in order to complete the programme.

Expectations + outcomes

Before your programme, you will have the option to fill in a questionnaire that helps your instructor understand your working style and your learning goals. This will take about ten minutes to complete. Responses are kept confidential. It is recommended to make full use of this pre-assessment tool.

Learning doesn’t stop once you complete your programme. You will continue to have full lifelong access to your instructor for any ongoing questions. You will also become a member of Qrowd, Quantico CCIL’s content and language community, with invitations to free learning sessions and meet-ups.

Qrowd delivers support to participants who are at the post-workshop stage — through publications, day courses, and one-on-one consultations. Qrowd is free and for life.

Qrowd [+]

Costs + requirements

Total programme fee:
S$980.00 (nett)

Gazetted charitable groups subsidy:
20%–50% (nett)

Eligible senior citizens subsidy:
30%–100% (nett)

Eligible needs-assessed subsidy:
10%–100% (nett)

Copywriters will require internet access, the ability to complete tasks on a computer or laptop, and a Google account to access the materials and exercises for this workshop.

Quantico CCIL is an equal opportunities organisation. If you have an impairment or require accessibility support, please get in touch with us so that we can make all the arrangements for you to complete your programme with minimal disruption.

Subsidies, grants, and full sponsorships are available from a range of sources, including by Quantico CCIL for certain uniformed and charity groups, and individuals with specific disabilities. Visit the Fees + Subsidies [+] page or contact us to determine eligibility.

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