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Subsidies + Training Grants.

Welcome to Quantico’s training subsidies, grants and skills development schemes for our copywriting courses, web-writing courses, and content marketing courses in Singapore and overseas. We administer several training subsidies and grant options for eligible individuals and groups. Subsidies and grants are limited to specific circumstances which are updated often, so please carefully consider all options before making an application.

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Media Development Authority Scheme.

If you are a Singapore-based resident, you may be eligible to apply directly for the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme from IRAS under ‘Training of Employees.’ Claims may only be made within the current PIC scheme framework as prescribed by the IRAS up to year-of-assessment 2018. In filing a claim you agree to operate ethically and strictly within the laws of the Republic of Singapore.

National Service + Uniformed Men and Women.

If you are performing national service in Singapore, or are part of a uniformed services organisation, you may be eligible to apply for internal subsidy of up to 20% for your training workshops and courses at Quantico. This subsidy is for all gazetted services (the armed forces, police force, civil defence, medical organisations, and uniformed youth groups) approved by the Republic of Singapore. This subsidy is only available to serving uniformed groups who do not already qualify for or are currently drawing on existing subsidies and schemes under the Support for NSmen and NSwomen.

Silver Scheme.

If you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident aged 65 and above, and are actively seeking employment in the field of communications (related to any one or more of the workshops and courses offered by Quantico) you may be eligible to apply for internal subsidy of up to 100% for your training workshops and courses at Quantico. This subsidy is only available to said individuals who are actively looking for employment in communications, and who are facing difficulties in acquiring financial resources for training purposes. Please contact a Quantico ambassador for more information and terms and conditions. In addition this subsidy is only available to senior citizens / pioneer generation individuals who, together with the conditions listed here and from an authorised Quantico ambassador, meet the criteria listed on the following link.

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Updated on 3 January 2020