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User-Inspired Content
Quantico’s copywriting team creates user-inspired content, which we release into the world every day. We humanize your written communication to connect your customers with you. The firm maps customers’ needs and determines how existing content strategies can advance to meet these needs. This approach often leads to discoveries that allow us to innovate when creating content. Our copywriting focus is driven by integrating human emotions with the transfer of valuable and relevant knowledge. By prioritizing comprehension and empathy, we are able to make your content more valid and approachable for your customers.
Clarity and Flexibility
This has become a discipline at the firm, and over time we have fine-tuned it into a winning approach. This is how Quantico’s copywriting team develops addictive content that is able to sustain the interest of readers over extended periods of time. We begin each copywriting project by defining your goals with you. Quantico’s team helps your business to clarify the goals of your project and the technical challenges we must overcome. Flexibility is a key component for every project. The nature of copywriting means that sometimes these goals will be overtaken by new discoveries and better content application strategies.
Opportunities and Solutions
New challenges may come up that require choosing unexplored solutions. We help you make these choices by providing insights about how best to allocate expertise, assessing the project’s progress, and revising content strategies to meet the desired results. The firm expands basic copywriting strategies to solve communication problems for businesses. Quantico’s team is highly experienced at managing the constant flux of copywriting projects. We stay intensely focused on the end results by remaining agile and nimble during work flows so your business can pursue every opportunity right through to a successful conclusion.

Cross-section of copywriting projects

Annual reports are comprehensive findings that indicate the health and position of an organization. Every organization will have its own ‘style and substance’ ideas of what goes into their respective annual reports.
Blogging is a great way to express your ideas and gain a following for your thoughts and interests. The meteoric rise of sites like WordPress, BlogSpot, and Blogger are proof of the popularity of blogging as an activity for both personal and commercial use.
Television commercials are a mix of visual and verbal treats. Radio commercials are purely verbal treats. Buying into these treats produces some fine results. Copywriting for commercials is more than just words. It’s real-time, one-time communication that has to make an impact in ten seconds or less.
Direct mail is a personal medium. It comes straight to homes and offices — private spaces — where it then attempts to build connections with its intended audience. The very nature of direct mail lays the groundwork of how direct mail should be treated. If direct mail campaigns are not getting the desired results it is because the issue of ‘personal’ is not being adequately addressed.
An employee manual is more than a rule book. It’s a document that shares a collective vision and ideology between an organization and its members.
Museums, fairs, and trade shows have lots to showcase. The objects and artifacts on display are often of immeasurable value, inviting people from all over to attend the exhibition. Concomitant to these items on display are write ups detailing what the item is, its history, it story, and its journey into the present time.
An interesting term to describe a collaborative effort between someone with ideas and someone with great writing skills. Lots of us have great ideas but putting those down on paper can be a somewhat arduous task that often dissuades people from writing.
Marketing, or promotional material is any piece of writing that creates awareness of a product and service, and engages customers through the effective use of words.
A media release is sent to editors and journalists to invoke them to include a story about what you’re offering, in their media channels. In Singapore these media channels include print, radio, television and numerous online avenues that give copywriters ample opportunity to publicize their writing.
A menu is essentially an offering of products, each of which is competing for your attention. A well-presented menu will explain exactly what’s on offer, with a brief explanation of each dish and beverage.
Packaging is a competition in visual aesthetics. We see the package long before we acknowledge its contents. If the packaging is enticing we take it to the next step and that is to find out what’s inside, by reading what’s outside. That’s when packaging copy shines.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best thing any web site can do for itself, assuming it wants to be found quickly by search engines and be awarded a high rank. Copywriting is at the heart of successful, and sustainable S.E.O. Web and digital content copywriters are a special breed of people who know the perfect blend of great copy that communicates to both customers and search engines.
A tweet, a status update, a post, a lens – it’s all good; except when it’s not. The prevalence of social media is undeniable and every entity imaginable, from governments and academic institutions, to corporations and individuals, is on these platforms, furiously creating content on an unimaginable scale.
Speeches have been around since human beings discovered they had vocal chords. While delivery and presentation count for a large part of a speech’s effectiveness, it’s the words that land a standing ovation or a suppressed inner grunt of disapproval.
Taglines are short descriptors that capture the essence of an organization’s uniqueness, nature, and quality of products and services. Just as keywords are critical for ranking high in search engine results, taglines are essential for ranking high in the memory of consumers.
We love our technology, our gadgets, our software, and our hardware. They do amazing things for us, and they make us feel amazing. We appreciate these gadgets even more when the output is fantastic and the learning curve is gentle.
Tenders and proposals require competitive writing. In Singapore tenders are de rigueur when conducting business with the government and quasi-government organizations, as are proposals when conducting business with potential clients. Tendering and pitching for contracts is a strategy in which the winner:
1• is noticed as the best in that particular field
2• is acknowledged as a provider of value
We can’t get away from marketing. It’s an in-built function in human beings to express something about themselves. Organizations are the same, and telemarketing is a subset of marketing efforts.
Website and digital content is different from print content and has to be treated accordingly. This is the first truth to embrace when creating effective web content and solid digital media platforms.
White papers are written on a number of topics, the aim being to be the definitive source of findings and information on that particular topic.

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