Important: Health and Safety Measures

Enhanced hygiene, disinfection, and temperature screening procedures have been implemented in our training spaces, in compliance with the Ministry of Health, to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Please let us know if in the last 14 days you have travelled to affected countries or regions that have had travel restrictions placed, under current Ministry of Health guidelines. If you feel unwell during your workshop please inform your instructor and seek professional medical attention immediately.

In all cases, we will arrange for you to attend another session in full after a minimum of 14 days. Support for your workshop will continue electronically, and you can also switch to our fully online modules.

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Center for Communication + Information Literacy

Our team.

Meet the instructors and skills developers entrusted with training the world’s best and brightest. From local and regional governments, charities, and Fortune 100 & 500 companies, to technology, law, and finance, organisations around the world trust us with their strategic development. Our team brings its expansive experience and proven expertise to every workshop, and delivers exceptional innovation and relevance to our participants.

Meet the team

Our approach made us a leader in our field. Today it’s keeping us ahead of it. We are making communication skills accessible to organisations and individuals in Singapore, Southeast Asia, India, China, and Oceania. We empower our customers with quality learning, delivered in an environment that is receptive of and conducive to knowledge exchange and idea development.

Our workshops and courses promote a spirit of genuine curiosity and lifelong enquiry that translates across boundaries of age, culture, and nationalities, to embrace a global race empowered by education. Our customers learn relevant skills that advance self-confidence, personal development, and professional growth.

Our teams are led by university lecturers, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, senior industry leaders, and published authors. Together we establish a strong academic appreciation in our participants, which leads to superior industry knowledge and practices that benefit your organisation and brands.

Global training standards

Quantico CCIL is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation; we are fully committed to the highest international quality standards for every workshop and course we conduct in Singapore and in the region. Workshops and courses are crafted on the premise that what you write, and how you write, can and does affect how audiences perceive your organisation and your brands.

Your workshop tools also provide the foundation for developing your cross-disciplinary skills in related fields of design-thinking, social communication, and public engagement. Throughout your workshop, you will have the opportunity to build on your own case studies, and apply your learnings towards building phenomenal content that impresses and expresses.

We are opening new frontiers and building mission-critical abilities through onsite and online workshops and courses in Singapore and the region. Workshop groups are kept small to maximise individual attention and develop the principles of effective content creation. Each workshop has undergone rigorous audit and testing, and either meets or exceeds quality standards.

Service statement

We deliver learning experiences built on a culture of attentiveness, care, tolerance, kindness, and affability. We want all our customers to count boldly on us for value in all that we undertake, and to consistently hold us to worthy standards that exemplify the spirit of service, trust, and dignity. These are the characteristics of the journeys we create every day in our products, services, and interactions with you.

We are committed to providing customers with exceptional workshops and high-quality solutions through experiences of genuine service, warmth, and care. We achieve excellence by (i) exceeding the requirements of our clients; (ii) meeting our contractual requirements; (iii) continually improving the overall effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Specifically, our commitments cover:

• responding quickly and efficiently

• gathering feedback on a regular basis

• updating our workshops and publications

• providing secure web and digital platforms

• ensuring continuous instructor training

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