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You want the skills to write persuasive copy, plan an editorial strategy, tell compelling stories, or switch careers. Each Quantico CCIL course targets a specific set of skills. Get help with picking the right courses for yourself and your teams. Contact us [+].

Branded & Corporate Storytelling2-day course
Full course fee: S$980.00
Subsidised fee: S$588.30
CertificationYesStrategyYou already have a communication strategyStorytelling’s strategic role in branding, marketing, and communicationAudienceMethods to uncover audience values and perceptionsLong-term community creation for internal and external audiencesStory structures that create audience engagementPlanningProject coordination with videographers, designers, and writersWritingApply multiple narrative perspectives for realistic storytellingUse specific storytelling techniques to match particular writing formatsVisualCreate mood boards and storyboardsUnderstand composition, framing, and negative spaceUnderstand basic camera and cinematic techniquesSoundUnderstand how sound design is used to tell storiesIdentify the emotional impact of music on storytelling

Copywriting2-day course
Full course fee: S$980.00
Subsidised fee: S$588.30
CertificationYesStrategyYou already have a communication strategyFunctions of copywriting in wider communication contextsLanguage guidelines for brandsAudienceMethods to analyse how audiences perceive languageAudience journey mappingPlanningThe copywriting brief: project blueprintsCopywriting processes in individual or team-based projectsWritingWrite long-form and short-form contentWrite or repurpose copy for different platformsApply suitable copywriting formats for specific deliverablesIdentify copy angles that attract and retain attentionUse language that builds meaningful relationshipsAlign copy with images, colour, and videoVisualSound

Digital & Content Marketing2-day course
Full course fee: S$980.00
Subsidised fee: S$588.30
CertificationYesStrategyYou want to build or grow a communication strategyFoundations of strong communication and content strategiesDigital content auditsInterpretation of digital content metricsContent pillars: main themes and ideas for content creationEvaluation of digital content platformsMulti-tiered engagement strategyAudienceMethods to segment online and offline audiencesAudience research and testingPlanningImplementation and improvement of content strategyEditorial calendarsContent asset managementInternal content cultureWritingVisualSound

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Choose a course based on your learning goals. Our courses support learning across three core specialisms, each targeting a particular set of training needs. Want to speak directly with a course instructor? Contact us [+].

Strategy and ideation

Writing and design thinking

Experience and specialisation

Strategy and ideation

I want to

Set communication and content goals

Articulate brand identity through reading strategies

Analyse existing content practices to identify strengths and gaps

Develop a consistent and streamlined content strategy

Identify topics and angles that interest audiences

Segment audiences for targeted messaging

Conduct testing to rapidly generate, prototype, and approve ideas

Identify which digital platforms are best-suited for particular content types

Integrate offline and online communication touch points

Create and manage an editorial content calendar

Plan and repurpose content

Understand digital metrics to make better content decisions

Set up internal processes for smoother content initiatives

Get buy-in and alignment from teams and external partners

Manage content assets across a project’s entire pipeline

Writing and design thinking

I want to

Write captions, headlines, and titles

Create short, compelling copy when there are length constraints

Develop impactful longform content for influence and leadership

Capture, keep, and grow audience attention

Create tactical content for promotions and sales

Create engaging content to educate, inform, or inspire audiences

Create SEO-friendly content for websites

Create authentic, humanised stories for a brand

Structure content based on formats and platforms

Write on-brand copy that has a personality

Align visuals and copy

Create mood boards for content, videos, and brand identity

Develop storyboards for videos of varying lengths and channels

Understand what makes visuals and video work

Understand sound design and its impact on audiences

Experience and specialisation

I want to

Grow a professional portfolio

Learn professional copywriting project management strategies

Revise and iterate based on feedback from clients

Coordinate copywriting with other creative functions

Conduct competitor research and create a strategy

Conduct audience research that yields real, useful results

Manage projects, alone or with a team, from start to finish

Build a professional reputation with clients

Get professional mentoring on real-world copywriting projects

Run a copywriting business or work as a freelance writer

Learn to manage clients’ expectations

Specialise in a particular writing discipline

Specialise in a particular industry or function

Build a personal brand around your copywriting skills and persona

Demonstrate genuine expertise as a professional copywriter

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Authorship and Publishing

Professional Writers’ ProgrammeThe Professional Writers’ Programme is conducted one-on-one around a schedule agreed upon by you and your instructor. For information and how to enrol, please call +(65) 6573 7370 or email your programme convenor at group[@]