Copywriting Fundamentals Singapore

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Copywriting Fundamentals Singapore

Course: CWF-3H

Fee: S$78.35 (nett)

Delivery: Taught live-streamed

Date: 5 May 2020 (3pm – 6pm)

Copywriting Fundamentals (Singapore)

Course overview

Copywriting Fundamentals (CWF-3H) Singapore is a 3-hour live-streamed taught course for copywriters, brand strategists, and content creators to understand and use language and writing to (i) influence your audiences; (ii) drive sales; (iii) increase brand awareness; (iv) spark engagement. This course is taught online via a closed live-streaming session, on 5 May 2020, from 3pm to 6pm Singapore local time.

Course imperative

Language is mind control. From writing websites and social posts to designing document structures, planning user journeys, and changing mindsets, this course encapsulates the politics, histories, psychologies, and philosophies of how rhetoric and persuasion are used in copywriting — and the applications of these copywriting principles to growing your own consumer engagement, sales, brand recognition, and customer delight.

Course topics

• Developing a copywriting plan for influence and impact
• Designing a brand language for creative, compelling copy
• Forming genuine audience relationships
• Genres, formats, and rules for digital and animated environments
• Copywriting for video
• Speaking ‘internet’: varieties of language
• Integrating with design, taglines, and brands
• Developing and using a copywriting brief
• The content lifecycle approach

Course objectives

Quantico Centre for Communication + Information Literacy is providing a 3-hour online course for copywriters, brand strategists, and content creators to fulfill four key objectives:

• Understand the main principles and approaches to copywriting
• Analyse the meaningful relationships between audiences and words
• Brainstorm more creative solutions with a comprehensive copywriting brief
• Start your own copywriting initiatives with confidence and enthusiasm

Course applications

Professional copywriting takes a contractual experience to influencing consumer mindsets. This workshop supports content creators, writers, and industry experts in their initiatives to influence audiences across marketing communications, corporate communications, internal communications, employer branding, technical writing, stakeholder/media relations, design, branding, and digital marketing.

Course details

Delivery: Online live session
Instructor: Deepa Vijayan

Course: Copywriting Fundamentals Course (May 2020)
Description: Copywriting Fundamentals Course (Singapore)
Contact: One Fullerton Road, #02-01, 049213, Singapore
Organiser: Quantico Centre for Communication + Information Literacy

Course registration

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