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Language Audit

Quantico’s team knows more than a thing or two about the ability of language to influence every transaction between a business and its customers. This is why we are able to ask the key questions when conducting a language audit for your business:

Is the communication readily apparent and transparent? Are we weighting our content properly by placing the most important points first? Do the collaterals promote or prevent dialogue with your business and with your other customers? Are we taking the opportunity to anticipate the unasked questions, then point the way forward? And is the overarching communication strategy thanking and rewarding your customers for extending a relationship to the people who drive your business?

Content Usability

We utilize research tools, design-thinking, and communication models to test and refine content that organizations put out every day. Like a quality product, written content is at its best when it is engineered to perform a primary purpose.

True usability happens when content gets out of the way of clarity. People want to be connected with first, before connecting with businesses and brands. Customers frequently look for a piece’s larger relevancy, and appreciate content that is geared towards expressing over impressing. And every piece of communication, whether a website or a printed brochure, that is creating truly gratifying user experiences has already beaten out the competition for capturing the market’s undivided attention.

Experience Mapping

Quantico operates in a professional capacity on both sides of the brand experience (as brand-builders and brand-testers), so we have a 360° view of the entire branding cycle. We transform this awesome view into brand experience maps.

Customers make choices about which brands they want to have relationships with. These choices are influenced by the experiences that surround these brands. Businesses are constantly grappling with the changes in consumer behaviors, shifts in government regulations, and disruptions in current innovation, all of which are responsible for the seismic nature of the brandscape. By mapping the brandscape, we are able to pinpoint a business’s past and current brand position, then guide it towards the best experiences.

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