Advanced Copywriting Workshop Singapore

Advanced Copywriting

Get fully hands-on with academic copywriting as a full-fledged, standalone function of content and communication theory. Learn the exaptation of copywriting as an evolving process that defines brands, influences behaviours, and facilitates human-to-human and human-to-media interactions.

This workshop is assessed through progressive assessments and a final assessment. A certificate of completion will be awarded to workshop participants who successfully complete all assessments.

Costs and Schedules

Advanced Copywriting is conducted four to five times per year and is scheduled around the timetables of invited participants. The cost of the workshop is free for invited participants. This workshop spans one full day, from 9:30am to 5:30pm and can accommodate a maximum of 4 participants.


• One-day workshop (9:30am to 5:30pm)
• S$0.00 (workshop fee, all inclusive)
• By invitation only

Deep-Dive Into The Human Mind.

Take your abilities to a wizard level in a one-day intensive copywriting development environment.









Advanced Copywriting is by invitation only for those participants who have completed all modules of ‘Introduction to Copywriting’ at a demonstrably advanced level and are eager to approach copywriting from a highly critical perspective for workplace, academic and research applications.



At the end of the Advanced Copywriting Workshop you’ll have a rigorous understanding of the four primary schools of thought that have influenced copywriting, and the varied approaches that define this multi-dimensional and consistently-evolving communications field.

You’ll be able to apply semiotics, design-led thinking, and varied cultural perspectives to your workplace, brand, social media, and communication projects with special emphasis on consumer behaviour and choice-theory rationale. You’ll also add technical and web writing to your repertoire.



Participants of Advanced Copywriting will have a strongly augmented understanding of copywriting — from both, an academic and a practical perspective — that allows for texts with deeper consumer experiences.

You’ll be able to apply your skills across industries, cultures, and individual project requirements. You’ll also have the capability needed to lead entire communication processes with thorough knowledge of the design-copy paradigmatic relationship.



Any professional with an advanced understanding of copywriting have an extremely wide choice of career options, from government agencies and public institutions, to MNCs, advertising agencies, and self-employment.

Copywriters with technical writing expertise have a particular advantage as the need for journal articles, data interpretation documents, and marketing material continues to grow. The job outlook for technical writers is growing at a faster than average rate of 15% for professional technical writers with relevant short-term on-the-job training.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) — Occupational Outlook Handbook


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