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Learn how to become a professional copywriter and/or industry-grade brand and media writer in Quantico’s copywriting workshop. Prepare purpose-driven documents, and create powerfully engaging consumer copy across Singapore’s content markets.

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Copywriting Workshop Overview.

This workshop focuses on copywriting as a sales function, combining aesthetics with analytics. The copywriting process plugs into every model of communication to connect customers with organisations. Professional copywriters are trained multi-dimensional communications experts who sell engagement, ideas, and organisations, to drive and humanise total brand fulfilment.

Cost + Subsidy:
S$980 nett.
Inclusive of all taxes
PIC Eligibility Criteria [+]

2-day workshop
9:30am – 4:30pm
Wednesday + Thursday

No content knowledge is assumed. (Conducted in English)
Participants are free to bring their own computers or tablets.
Modules mix academic theory with role-based applications.

In-person teaching and delivery.
1:6 (typical instructor-student ratio).
1:12 (maximum instructor-student ratio).

All your learning materials and module notes are part of the workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring their own case studies and work queries so as to maximise individual attention.

Copywriting Workshops are conducted at one of Quantico’s training facilities at Raffles Place, Shenton Way, United Square, or Asia Square (Singapore).


Copywriting Workshop Topics.

What Copywriting Is and What Copywriting Is Not
Developing and Using a Creative Concept Brief
Mechanics and Consumer Psychology of Selling
Mechanics of Culture and Story-Telling in Our Time
The journalist’s approach to copywriting
Developing a Voice of Authority and Conviction
Integrating with Design, Taglines, and Brand
Organisational Goals and Audience Values
The Content Lifecycle Approach
Copywriting and Microcopy
Targeting a Personality, a Persona, a Person
Rules for Digital and Animated Environments
Rules for Traditional and Print Environments
Video-Driven and Image-Driven Content Pieces
Beautiful Mathematics of Copywriting
Tone-of-Voice and Line-of-Sight (70-30 Rules)
Copywriting for Local Sets with Global Cultures
Distinctive vs Directed Copywriting

The Cultural Audience approach
Copywriting for community + sensitivity
Copywriting’s Evolution with Content Marketing
Brains, Bricks, and Brands
Block-chain principles in Copywriting
Content + Intent + Context = Meaning
Copywriting for Media: Press Releases and Ads
Copywriting the social space
Constructing Ideas + Ideologies
Colour Theory + Words
Stories + Structures + Schemas
Negative Space Communication
Copywriting Across Five Senses
UX: Archival Elements of Copy
Copywriting Across Human Bodies
Demystifying Creativity
Influencing Trends + Thoughts
Future of Copywriting and Content in 2020 and 2025

Copywriting Workshop Takeaways.

Copywriting isn’t just writing, and selling isn’t only for products and services. In this workshop, we will investigate the evolution and application of professional copywriting, and understand why the copywriting process (ideation) begins in the minds of copywriters, but always ends in the minds of readers (creation). We will examine the relationships between words and content, and content and consumers. You will create copywriting briefs that use consumer philosophy and social psychology to polish your drafts into professional pieces that turn passive recipients into captive audiences. You will also test your copywriting pieces across a number of different markets and mindsets to validate the true impact of your copy on your internal and external stakeholders.

On completion of this workshop, you will be able to:
Create content that serves specific consumer purposes
Build meaningful relationships between brands and buyers
Think in design-led perspectives to reach creative solutions
Extend content beyond words, to sound and visual
Prepare experiential pieces to engage digital communities
Apply consumer psychology across your content assets
Start your own copywriting and content initiatives


Copywriting Workshop (Singapore) Learning Objectives + Skills Experience.

You will learn how, and why, copywriting lives in visual and aural media. Visual research is a critical tool in the professional copywriting process for audience engagement. Speaking of audiences, as you read, so you hear — whether out loud or in the mind, your copy makes sounds. How you control this sound, whether through tone of voice or syntactic rhythm structures, will decide audience responses and transform users from passive recipients of data into active participants of your content.

You will understand and use the copywriting process on a professional level, and deliver content innovation that builds strong commercial value for businesses and individuals. Your skill sets and assignments over the course of the copywriting workshop will involve examining the market in Singapore and the region for visual and aural cues on how words construct relationships with minds. At the end of this copywriting workshop you will be able to take control of the copywriting process in its entirety, and see that professional copywriting is not a group of powerful words, but a powerful group of words.


Course Convenor Profile

Arjun Khara (Instructor at Quantico Copywriting Workshops Singapore)

Arjun Khara
Course Convenor: Writers’ Workshops
Quantico | LinkedIn | Quora

Profile: Lead Instructor for Quantico’s Copywriting Workshops + Courses

Arjun Khara is a Communications Specialist by his first degree, a web programmer by training, and a course instructor at heart. Arjun helps organisations and individuals learn about themselves, and their audiences, through inter-disciplinary workshops and courses on copywriting, content creation, brand development, and web communication technologies.

As a trainer and communications modeller, Arjun’s role is to help workshop participants write and publish meaningful content by exploring the far evolution and instigation of consumer communication on social behaviours, audience mentalities, and cross-cultural conversations. By onboarding these learnings, organisations are able to convert passive users in a monologue, into captive communities empowered by useful information. [ Full Profile on LinkedIn + ]

Regional Praise For Quantico’s ‘Introduction to Copywriting’

‘Introduction to Copywriting’ is Quantico’s most popular workshop, and has been attended by representatives across Asia-Pacific. Quantico’s copywriting course instructor, Arjun Khara, has delivered the workshop to government, telcos, banks, tech companies, hotel groups, universities, enterprises, media, and non-profits in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Australia. [ Full List + ]

In July 2015, Arjun was invited to train telcos, government, banks, private enterprise, corporations, creative agencies, and public officials across Brunei, on the theories and practices of copywriting for organisations, brands, digital campaigns, and public awareness. The workshop was covered by the media and featured in several articles. Click on one of the links (opens a new tab) to read more.


Copywriting Workshop Schedule 2018

Copywriting workshops listed under this schedule are confirmed and will run as scheduled.


Copywriting Workshop (Jan 2018)
Copywriting Workshop in Singapore
16 Collyer Quay #20-00 049318 Singapore
Quantico Training Centre

Lead Instructor: Arjun Khara


Copywriting Workshop (Feb 2018)
Copywriting Workshop in Singapore
16 Collyer Quay #20-00 049318 Singapore
Quantico Training Centre

Lead Instructor: Arjun Khara


Copywriting Workshop (Mar 2018)
Copywriting Workshop in Singapore
16 Collyer Quay #20-00 049318 Singapore
Quantico Training Centre

Lead Instructor: Arjun Khara


Copywriting Workshop (Apr 2018)
Copywriting Workshop in Singapore
16 Collyer Quay #20-00 049318 Singapore
Quantico Training Centre

Lead Instructor: Arjun Khara


Copywriting Workshop (May 2018)
Copywriting Workshop in Singapore
16 Collyer Quay #20-00 049318 Singapore
Quantico Training Centre

Lead Instructor: Arjun Khara


Copywriting Workshop (Jun 2018)
Copywriting Workshop in Singapore
16 Collyer Quay #20-00 049318 Singapore
Quantico Training Centre

Lead Instructor: Arjun Khara


Copywriting Workshop (Jul 2018)
Copywriting Workshop in Singapore
16 Collyer Quay #20-00 049318 Singapore
Quantico Training Centre

Lead Instructor: Arjun Khara


Copywriting Workshop (Aug 2018)
Copywriting Workshop in Singapore
16 Collyer Quay #20-00 049318 Singapore
Quantico Training Centre

Lead Instructor: Arjun Khara


Copywriting Workshop (Sep 2018)
Copywriting Workshop in Singapore
16 Collyer Quay #20-00 049318 Singapore
Quantico Training Centre

Lead Instructor: Arjun Khara


Copywriting Workshop (Oct 2018)
Copywriting Workshop in Singapore
16 Collyer Quay #20-00 049318 Singapore
Quantico Training Centre

Lead Instructor: Arjun Khara


Copywriting Workshop (Nov 2018)
Copywriting Workshop in Singapore
16 Collyer Quay #20-00 049318 Singapore
Quantico Training Centre

Lead Instructor: Arjun Khara


Copywriting Workshop (Dec 2018)
Copywriting Workshop in Singapore
16 Collyer Quay #20-00 049318 Singapore
Quantico Training Centre

Lead Instructor: Arjun Khara

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Introduction to Copywriting Course (Singapore)

Introduction to Copywriting

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See What Makes Quantico Workshops Better

Learn With The Best

Your workshop is constructed and facilitated by Quantico Lead Instructors. Lead Instructors have the requisite 11 years experience, plus have either won awards in their respective workshop zones and/or are directly pegged to the ISO 9001:2015 framework within Quantico to develop workshops for Asian market needs.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Your workshop is created within an audited system that is fully committed to the highest international quality standards. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation, Quantico is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. That means no short cuts. Everything we build has a documented process and absolute accountability.

Source of Truth

Your workshop is a result of academic research and industry insights. In addition to developing content workshops, Quantico is also a publications firm. We author papers and journal articles on positive findings, and publish 85% of findings for free online at our research site, ‘R-Resources’. 100% of our research goes into developing and refining our curricula.

Long-Term Relevance

Your workshop is future-proofed and region-secured through a series of research and trend-spotting methods that keep your organisation ahead of its markets. We listen to and understand your goals. Then we put these goals through our internal surveillance audit to ensure that your learning tools are relevant and valid for a minimum of four years.

Complete Competence

Your workshop is customised to your most specific details, regardless of size or intricacy. Sometimes, though, you’ll want a little help getting started. Quantico’s Lead Instructors help you understand your choices so you can make informed, unbiased decisions that are truly beneficial to your teams and your organisational learning requirements.

Reinventing Support

Your workshop goes beyond its start and end dates. At Quantico we’ve reinvented the bar on innovating lifelong learning support. We believe it’s not enough to rely on just your notes after your workshop ends. That is why your Lead Instructors will remain on hand to provide you with best-in-class post-workshop support.

Copywriting Workshops Singapore:
An In-Depth Insight Into Innovation.

Quantico’s (Singapore) copywriting workshops welcome students to the world copywriting, and its myriad shapes, forms, channels, and precepts. Yet for all its ubiquity, copywriting always comprises a set of texts, designed to fulfil a specific purpose. The ‘Introduction to Copywriting’ workshop looks at the purpose of writing to sell, and investigates copywriting from a variety of communicative and psychological perspectives. We will discover how to integrate the tools of content and copywriting with several disciplines including marketing, product design, social media, and content marketing, and apply our learnings to real-life situations, particularly across Singapore, South East Asia, and Asia-Pacific markets.

Further Resources to Learn + Master Copywriting.

A World of Copywriting Abilities

Introduction to Copywriting Workshop: Copywriting is all around us, in several forms and not just written communication. This is an important lesson which we will cover in our copywriting courses and workshops. From screen to print, and audio to scents, the unique pervasiveness of copywriting is easy to appreciate, once you know what you’re looking for. Formal training goes a long way in uncovering how copywriting — words, images, sounds, and smells — makes sophisticated and subtle attempts at winning over our minds every day. You will learn how to investigate these layers of meaning at your workshop, then proceed to construct your own layers of meaning by using multi-sensory texts to appeal to Singapore and Asian markets.

Augment Your Copywriting Abilities

augment your copywriting abilities

Learning Expectations: The ‘Introduction to Copywriting’ workshop teaches you the fundamental tools necessary to write elegant copy across a range of B2B and B2C functions. We will begin by looking at copywriting from a historical context and understand its function and purpose, then progress to examining our human-content relationships. We will apply these learnings to constructing and de-constructing taglines, paragraphs, and narratives. The workshop builds upon each module’s knowledge, and interstices modules with real copywriting projects and live examples. Participants have plenty of opportunities to get hands-on with every project and real-life portfolio.

Apply Your Copywriting Abilities

apply your copywriting abilities

Learning Outcomes: The workshop sequence progresses according to your and your group’s abilities. Because each group is small enough to provide you with maximum individual attention, you are always in control of your learning pace. Your progress is constantly monitored by your course instructor, and feedback comes from both your instructor and your peers. By the end the workshop, you will have a formal set of tools to write viable copy. Your core skill set will equip you to create professional copywriting pieces for work, for personal use, and across related disciplines including design, editorials and content marketing.

Assess Your Copywriting Abilities

assess your copywriting abilities

Capstone Assessment: Every piece of copy you learn create at your workshop will be a result of purpose-driven thinking. The workshop always emphasises consistent improvement through informal questions and answers, peer-to-peer reviews, and the final assessment. Your final copywriting assignment (the capstone project) is assessed for your ability to apply relevant tools and skills learned at the workshop, and your intention to deliberately and purposefully convey meaningful content to consumers of varying backgrounds and interests. Your assessment will be graded by your course instructor. Successful completion of all workshop modules and the capstone assessment results in a Certificate of Completion.

Advance Your Copywriting Abilities

advance your copywriting abilities

Go Beyond: ‘Introduction to Copywriting’ is a core skill set workshop for organisations, individuals, and brands tasked with creating or managing copywriting projects. This copywriting course is essential for teams and professionals working in community management, marketing, social media engagement, public relations, and for creative agencies who use copywriting across graphic design functions and concepts. ‘Advanced Copywriting’ is onsite and currently only offered in Singapore. You can find more information here on the ‘Advanced Copywriting’ Workshop in Singapore Page [+]

Add To Your Copywriting Abilities

add to your copywriting abilities

Advanced Copywriting Workshop: No previous experience is necessary or assumed. Participants who have achieved a certificate of completion at the ‘Introduction to Copywriting’ workshop are eligible to attend the ‘Advanced Copywriting’ workshop at Quantico. ‘Advanced Copywriting’ is a one-day course. There are no fees for the ‘Advanced Copywriting’ course. However, eligible candidates must demonstrate completion of ‘Introduction to Copywriting’ to a sufficiently high degree to qualify. Note that participation in Advanced Copywriting is by invitation only. Workshop schedules are organised together with participants.

Build Your Copywriting Presence

build copywriting presence

At the turn of the twentieth century, when copywriting was finding its legs, 1000 words or more was completely acceptable in about any print advertisements, and was even considered necessary to build sufficient presence. How much is enough today? What signals do we use to measure quality and sufficiency? This workshop will investigate the decreasing attention spans of consumers, and introduce you to the metrics of copywriting. We will learn to use content ratios, layout equations, and image-to-text scales that determine the minimum amount of content required to generate maximum presence and impact.

Break Your Current Expectations

advance your copywriting abilities

Many of us think of copywriting as an artistic function, anchored within the purview of agencies and in-house writers. Many also believe that to be an effective copywriter requires inspiration and creative skills. ‘Introduction to Copywriting’ exposes participants to the world of professional copywriting. You will learn how copywriting is much more akin to a science than an art, and that creativity itself is a product of mathematical functions and design-thinking. Participants can look forward to lively modules in which we examine, hold, or break apart the notions that society has of copywriting and its effectiveness on consumer behaviour.

Brand Your Copywriting

brand your copywriting

Interpretation is inevitable. How do we control what people think about when they read our copy? Enter brands. This copywriting workshop will look at what brands are, how they work, and most importantly, where they are created. We will trace the evolution of branding, from its basic agrarian roots to its present multi-billion dollar commerce, and understand why copywriting creates economies of symbols in the minds and markets of our societies in Singapore and the rest of the world.

Create Meaningful Relationships

create meaningful content relationships

The highest form of copywriting is multi-sensory communication. Over the course of your copywriting workshop we will explore the (powerful and historic) relationships between texts, images, and sound. We will use introductory semantics and semiotics to discover how meaning is generated in the human mind as well as on search engines and online technologies. You will be able to produce texts that engage the highest number of senses, and open new channels to engage with our audiences on multiple levels.

Compel Your Consumers

compel your consumers with copywriting

What’s the difference between a writer and a copywriter? What drives consumers to choose stories and narratives over reports and white papers? And how does copywriting create engagement in ways that reports and white papers seldom achieve? Storytelling is a large part of copywriting. Yet professional copywriters are different from authors and novelists. We will examine these differences during the copywriting workshop, to understand how copywriters achieve the same results that authors do, but through our own specialist tools and rules. We will learn storytelling techniques that prioritise brevity over length, precision over expressions, and actions over descriptions.

Cross Over Disciplines

a world of copywriting

Copywriting is a broad field of study that has its roots in multiple fields of study. ’Introduction to Copywriting’ crosses over disciplines to provide a truly holistic learning experience, by exposing participants to as many related fields as possible. We will discover how the best copywriting processes (including the world’s top taglines and slogans) rely heavily on mathematics and formulas to arrive at their perfected states. This workshop will introduce you to a rich array of topics and learnings that directly impact the effectiveness of copywriting, including psychology, mathematics, design-thinking, politics, semantics, and literature.

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AccorHotels Asia Pacific
AccorHotels Greater China
AccorHotels Hong Kong
ACE Insurance
Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group
Agency for Integrated Care
AIESEC International
Alliance Era Pte Ltd
Art Science Museum (ASM)
Asia Pacific Maritime Trade Show
Asia Television Forum
AXA Insurance
BAG Networks
Baiduri Bank
Baron’s Strong Brew
Bayer CropScience
Bethesda Care and Counselling Centre
BlackBlue Media Group (BBMG)
Boys’ Town Singapore
Brother International
Bureau Pte Ltd
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Canopy Design
Chan Brothers Travel
Charities Aid Foundation South East Asia
Civil Service College (CSC)
ClearPath Sdn Bhd
Confex MICE
Contact Centre Association of Singapore
DBS Bank
DBS Vickers
Delphys Singapore
Dow Chemical Company
DST Telecoms Brunei
Duke-NUS Graduate School of Medicine
Duo Studio
E-commerce Enablers
Employment and Employability Institute (e2i)
Esplanade Theatres By The Bay
ESSEC Business School
Evolve Mixed Martial Arts
Fairfield Methodist Alumni Association
Far East Management Pte Ltd
Far East Hospitality Pte Ltd
Fullerton Financial Holdings

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Gems Advisors (Asia) Pte Ltd
George P. Johnson
Gold Roast White Coffee
Goodrich Global
Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy
Hai’s Pte Ltd
Havas Media Pte Ltd
ibis Singapore
Ikeda Spa
Infocomm Development Authority (IDA)
International Data Corporation (IDC)
Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA)
Institute of Technical Education (ITE)
Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG)
International Enterprise (IE) Singapore
IP Academy Singapore (IPOS)
Iron Ore Week Singapore
Keppel Logistics
Kinzo Vietnam
Knowledge Management Solutions (KMS)
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School
Lantiq Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Lazada South East Asia
Lazy Lizard Restaurant and Bars
Mahidol University (Thailand)
Make It Work
Marina Bay Sands
McCann World Group
Mendaki (Yasan Mendaki)
Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI)
Ministry of Defence (MINDEF)
Ministry of Education (MOE)
Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
Nanyang Technological University
National Council of Social Service (NCSS)
National Health Group Diagnostics (NHG)
National University of Singapore (NUS)
National University of Singapore Society (NUSS)
National Youth Council Singapore (NYC)
Navis Capital
Neo Garden Catering
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Nippon Paint

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Offset SG
One World International School
People’s Association Singapore (PA)
Persatuan Permudi Islam Singapura
PSA Corporation Ltd
Reed Exhibitions
Regent Corp-Werkz
Republic Polytechnic
Ripe Australian Fruit Juices
River Safari
RMA Contracts Pte Ltd
Shenton Wealth Holdings
Singapore Exchange (SGX)
Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC)
Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
Singapore Kindness Movement
Singapore Polytechnic
Singapore Pools
Singapore Post (SingPost)
Singapore Science Centre
Singapore Swimming Club
Singapore Tourism Board
Singapore Zoo
Singtel Telecommunications Pte Ltd
Singtel Mobile Pte Ltd
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
Sofitel So Singapore
Somfy Pte Ltd
ST Electronics
Standard Chartered Bank
Trend Micro Inc
TUM Asia
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Warees Investments Pte Ltd (MUIS)
Wesley Methodist Church
Wildlife Reserves Singapore
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