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Absolute Attention

Q-One is Quantico’s premium one-on-one workshop system for private clients who expect thorough knowledge, and rapid results in their fields of expertise.

Rock-Solid Mastery

Q-One is an unrivalled and supercharged learning environment in which only one participant works purely with one expert instructor to gain mastery of a subject.

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Q-One workshops are boldly designed around each individual’s needs to serve applicable ideas, and secure relevant skills for the world’s brightest thinkers.

Complete Control

Q-One puts you in full control. It’s your workshop, and you are the only one who matters. Your workshop is crafted around your needs, your goals, your expectations.

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Crafting Consumer Influence.

Train at the source, and at an enterprise level, with Quantico’s senior copywriting instructors. Learn Quantico’s internal copywriting playbook, from the beginning to the end, and master a rock-solid approach to copywriting projects for individual firms, government agencies, Fortune 100 and 500 companies, and industry-specific businesses.

Learn the best of copywriting with your own examples and case studies. Get as detailed or as holistic as you like with context-specific learning, and case-by-case analysis of your print and digital copywriting projects.

Dedicated 2 days
Choose your days (Monday to Friday)
9:30am to 5:30pm
one instructor
one participant


Technical Writing

The Uncopywriter — Establishing Expertise

Develop engaging technical documents for your products, services, and organizations with Quantico’s senior technical writing team. Technical documents are outstanding drivers of thought leadership. Learn how to harness this force with rigorous training in content logic, exposition and instructional communication — the stuff that makes industry game changers influential.

Learn technical writing across a spectrum of contexts and genres to rapidly improve your writing and reasoning skills. Dissect and recompile your content to understand how compelling arguments are made, and explore the best ways for you to transfer knowledge to your audiences.

Dedicated 2 days
Choose your days (Monday to Friday)
9:30am to 5:30pm
one instructor
one participant

Technical Writing

Social Media

Social By People — Branding Human Stories

Cut through the medium to connect to the person on the other side. If social media platforms are the vehicle to get your message across, exceptional content is the high-powered fuel that helps it surge forward. We’ll work through an entire social media content campaign with you, in real-time, to identify the best content genres, platforms, messages and practices.

Learn how content (offline and online) creates virality, and choose the degree of virality to meet your objectives. Work on a real project of yours with the Quantico team to see first-hand how we build digital and social content for the world’s brightest minds.

Dedicated 2 days
Choose your days (Monday to Friday)
9:30am to 5:30pm
one instructor
one participant

Social Media

Search Sense

Bricks To Clicks — Building Online Durability

Discover how content is given a valuation, and why the online-offline consumption relationship matters beyond the web. We’ll show you how we use relevant technologies and natural content practices, and not any tricks or twists, to create an authentic following from people, and develop a dedicated vote of confidence from search algorithms.

Learn the natural ability of the Internet in deciding for itself which content piece is prioritized for a keyword and location. We’ll train you to write content that’s valuable and targeted, and give you the freedom to extend your messages organically across the web.

Dedicated 2 days
Choose your days (Monday to Friday)
9:30am to 5:30pm
one instructor
one participant


Trusted. By You.

Why Do Organizations And Individuals Choose Q-One?

Easy To Work With.

Quantico has a simple way of working that people find useful and reliable, from the registration process through to post-course support. Pair that with excellent delivery standards and robust learning experiences, and it’s easy to see why every industry, from government and public agencies to private enterprises and SMEs, chooses to multiply their skills, and their aspirations, with Quantico.

Integrated With Your Objectives.

You have total control over how fast you move and in which areas you want to specialise in, within the course syllabus. Because the course is built around your particular learning requirements, you decide which module you want to zoom in for extreme details, and which ones require a wider, holistic approach. In other words, learn what you want, how you want, in a space built to support your goals.

Generous With Resources.

Q-One courses are feature-rich with discussions and case studies that are applicable to any industry. Whether you’re learning for professional growth, or keen to meet a personal ambition, your course is embedded with plenty of great resources to meet both needs. When the course is over, learning continues with lifetime access to Quantico’s expert community so your skills always remain relevant.

World-Class Field Experience.

Q-One Is Built On Real-World Projects We’ve Completed With The Planet’s Brightest Minds.


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Q-One FAQs.

Attending a Q-One Course

Q-One is the expert team at Quantico that works one-on-one with participants who want maximum learning efficiencies. One dedicated instructor works with one participant on a chosen course. First things first, please click on the ‘Attend’ link for your specific course. Each Q-One course has its own team and infrastructure in place. You can also do a direct enrolment over the phone with a Q-One Team Member.

Q-One Course Venues

Currently, Q-One is only available in Singapore. Q-One courses are hosted at Quantico’s workshop facilities at Raffles Place, One Fullerton, and Marina Bay Financial Center. Light refreshment, learning materials, and stationery is included with every Q-One course. Most workshop facilities have additional outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces for participants to get in a quick breather between modules.

Q-One Certification

Q-One certification is conducted by Quantico Communications LLP. Certification for each course is contingent on: (1) a participant completing the entire course, and (2) passing the two final testing modules at the end of the course. Q-One testing modules are more difficult than our workshop modules, and represent the highest standard of learning accomplishments at Quantico. Q-One certificates are designed differently and have visible and hidden security features to discourage copies. Each Q-One certificate also has a unique serial identification number.

Additional Participants From The Same Organization

Q-One courses are built around maximum individual attention, and nothing beats one student to one expert. If you have two members of your organization with very similar work patterns and projects, and you’d like for both to attend the same Q-One course, please give us a call and speak to us. If feasible, we will enrol both participants, at no extra cost, in the same Q-One course session (i.e. one instructor to two of your participants) with the expressed understanding that some degree of individual attention is traded off for cost efficiencies to you.

Q-One Course Days

It’s only you, and it’s your show. Pick two days (Monday to Friday, not including public holidays) that suit you. From experience, two consecutive days work best e.g. Thursday and Friday, but ultimately the choice is yours. If for any reason your schedule changes — we understand these things do happen — we’ll arrange for one more alternative. If there are more changes after that, there may be additional costs depending on the severity of the change.

Post Q-One Course

Courses get over but learning never stops. Every Q-One participant gets one week of premium follow-up support for your learning and course-related queries, with a 4-hour reply cycle, either via email or phone. After the one-week period you’ll continue to have lifetime access for your course-related queries. In other words, keep in touch for as long as you like.

Additional Q-One Queries

If you have any queries on Q-One courses, please give us a call at +(65) 6537 7370
or email us at group [at] qc [dot] sg