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Make Happy

Just Happiness

Quantico is more than a company. We’re a community whose chosen purpose is to create, share, and spread happiness. We administer and fulfil our purpose through Quantico’s in-house initiative — the Hegarty Project.

Twice a year, Quantico provides its expertise to nonprofit organizations for free. We assemble our team of workshop experts, consultants, and copywriters, to work on a project for two nonprofits each year. Whether it is creating a brochure, writing a website or white paper, drafting a technical manual, or developing content strategy and direction, we bring the same repertoire of knowledge to these projects as we do for businesses every day.

The result is a great deal of happiness, not just for the people at the nonprofit but also for every person in Quantico who worked on the project. We believe strongly in the feelings that are stirred in us when we do something kind for someone else. This feeling is what we capture through the Hegarty Project. At the end of a Hegarty Project, the only currency that is exchanged is happiness. It’s worked so well that we are making the Hegarty Project public.

Social Happiness

Often, the people at these nonprofits want to thank Quantico for our work but do not know how to. In such cases, we ask that people reward the team members at Quantico with a Hegarty Facebook post, t-shirt, mug, or sticker.

Hegarty deals only in happiness, so our fulfilment comes from being rewarded with a piece of Hegarty happiness. Here’s how it works — Quantico creates Hegarty t-shirts, mugs, and stickers. But no one buys a Hegarty item for themselves. Instead, people whom we have made happy reward us with a Hegarty item. The premise is really simple: Don’t buy a Hegarty item for yourself. Reward someone else who is making you or another person happy.

Economically it makes little sense for Quantico to fund our own rewards. But this is not about economics. Hegarty is about rewarding happiness and the entire initiative operates on an honour system. Every owner of a Hegarty item has been awarded that item from someone else that they made happy. Reward people who make you happy with a Hegarty logo post on Facebook, a t-shirt or a mug.

Reward Happiness

Everyone enjoys the feeling that kindness brings, not just to the recipient but also to ourselves. The Hegarty Project captures this feeling through the simple, powerful initiative of rewarding those who make others happy.

The Hegarty Project is such a success at Quantico and our clients, that we decided to make it available publicly. There are many ways to reward someone who has made you or another person happy. The Hegarty Project is one method. We’ve taken time and care to build the Hegarty Project brand into an identifiable mark of rewarding happiness, so that the symbol is clearly associated with rewarding people who make other people happy.

Reward someone whom you know is ‘making happy’ with a Hegarty Project t-shirt, mug, or decal. The Hegarty Project is funded by these purchases. 100% of all monies go right back into the project. Or post the free Hegarty Project symbol to your recipient’s Facebook page. Whether you choose a free or paid option, remember it’s an honor system so please don’t reward yourself. Let someone else reward you. You will feel much better.

The Hegarty Project on Facebook.