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On this page you'll find information on common questions and responses, and avenues for further discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to common questions asked by our participants. Or call us at +(65) 6573 7370.

  • Online registration

    Online registration is the fastest way to enrol in a workshop of your choice. Enrolment is immediate. The online registration portal connects securely with PayPal. You can make payment with a valid credit/debit card. Online registration does not require pre-enrolment (two-step confirmation). Confirmation of enrolment is automatic.

    1. Click on the ‘Online Registration’ button (below).
    2. Add your workshop(s) to your cart.
    3. Click on the ‘Checkout With PayPal’ button.
    Online Registration
    If you encounter any issues please contact Quantico directly at +(65) 6573 7370.
  • Pre-enrolment

    Pre-enrolment is the first of 2 steps to register for a workshop, when paying with cheque or through a bank transfer. When you send a pre-enrolment form, a place is reserved at the workshop(s) you have selected. Because we only bill you after confirming a place for you, and issuing an invoice, pre-enrolment gives users the flexibility to reserve a place at a workshop for up to two weeks without paying for anything.
  • Pre-requisites

    None. You can enrol directly for either a one-day workshop, or a two-day workshop. There are no conditions or pre-requisites for enrolment. Also, by completing a workshop you meet the pre-requisites for Quantico’s advanced modules. The advanced modules (not listed here) are by invitation to participants who have completed a requisite writers’, web, or content marketers’ workshop and want to multiply their skills to a wizard level.
  • After submitting the form

    When your pre-enrolment form arrives at Quantico, an invoice is generated for the workshops you have selected. Payment terms and due dates are stated on the invoice. An invoice is emailed to you within 24 hours of receiving your pre-enrolment form. If you have not received an invoice, please contact Quantico directly at +(65) 6573 7370.
  • Payment options

    Payment is via credit/debit card (through online registration), and cheque and bank transfer (through pre-enrolment). Online registration is immediate. Pre-enrolment is a two-step process. Account details for cheque payments and bank transfers are detailed in the invoice. Please make your cheque payable to Quantico Communications LLP. A received payment generates a confirmation of your place at your selected workshop(s).

    If you are a Singapore-based resident, you may be able to apply for the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme from IRAS (click here) under Training of Employees. The majority of our participants are either sponsored by their corporations / institutions / employers, or are self-funded and make their own arrangements for claiming from PIC. Quantico offers significant internal subsidies to select charities, the armed forces, uniformed services (including firefighters, police officers, and ambulance units), and special-status non-profits and societies.

  • Confirmation
    When we receive a successful payment, your place is automatically confirmed. A receipt and confirmation-of-attendance is generated and emailed to you. Please bring this confirmation email with you on the day(s) of your workshop(s). If you have not received an email with your confirmation of attendance, please contact Quantico directly at +(65) 6573 7370 and we will resolve any issues.
  • Location and directions
    Most workshops are conducted on Quantico’s premises at 16 Collyer Quay, located above Change Alley, adjacent to Chevron House (the lobby is on level 2). The building was formerly known as Hitachi Tower, and is now called Income@Raffles. We have several training and skills spaces. Your particular workshop area will be detailed on your confirmation-of-attendance. The closes MRT station is Raffles Place Interchange (1 minute walk from Exit B to Change Alley). If you require further directions, please contact Quantico directly at +(65) 6573 7370.
  • Deferment and cancellation
    You can cancel your attendance for a workshop any time. Cancellations must be initiated over the telephone directly with Quantico, at +(65) 6573 7370. A full refund (less any processing fees, if incurred) is processed for cancellations made more than 14 days prior to a clinic’s commencement date. A 50% refund (less any processing fees, if incurred) is processed for cancellations made less than 14 days prior to a workshop’s commencement date. Whenever possible, Quantico will attempt to refund you the amount of your payment without levying any processing fees. In some cases, banks and online portals such as PayPal levy processing fees for credit card transactions. Quantico absorbs these fees when you register and make your payment, but we may charge these fees in instances of refunds. You can change your schedule or switch to another workshop at any time subject to availability of places for that day. For changes and cancellations, please contact Quantico directly at +(65) 6573 7370.
  • After the workshop(s)
    When a workshop ends, our relationship with you continues. You become a permanent part of the Quantico community, titled Qrowd. Contact Quantico via email or through our Twitter and Facebook channels with your questions and comments. Qrowd members get priority access to Quantico’s professional copywriters, editors, and consultants who can help you with your content requirements. In almost all cases, our professional help is provided for free.
  • Cross-combinations

    You can cross-combine a 2-day workshop from one expert bundle (e.g. Writers’ Expert Bundle), with a 1-day workshop from another expert bundle (e.g. Web Expert Bundle). Simply choose the workshops you’d like to to do in a cross-combination, then send us a pre-enrolment form or contact Quantico directly at +(65) 6573 7370.
  • I Have A Question

Workshops Helpdesk.

Welcome to Your Workshop.

Welcome to Quantico. We’re glad you came. Quantico’s workshops are specifically engineered to help you develop a new communication skill and multiply existing ones. Each workshop focuses on skills that are relevant and required by our world. When you complete a Quantico workshop you can be sure you are learning a skill that is highly valued by employers and essential for entrepreneurs. And whatever you learn, you can start applying straight away. Because we’re a full-fledged active written communications firm, our workshops cover real-time examples and live case studies. You’re learning by directly participating in what we do in the real world for government institutions, public organizations, private companies, and industry startups. Your learning environment is a finely-tuned space for pure theoretical knowledge and immediate practical applications. And that’s the point to all our workshops — to multiply the skills of individuals like you, who will define the future of communications. This reference will guide you through the principles and practicalities of Quantico’s workshop(s). At any point if you require further information, please get in touch via the contact options. Let’s start.

Just The Basics.

• Welcome to Quantico’s workshops.
• Learn by working on real projects.
• Start applying your learnings immediately.
• Instructors are field professionals.
• Skills learned are relevant and transferrable.

Getting Started.

It’s really easy to get started on your Quantico workshop. Pick a workshop that you want to multiply your skills in. Check out the core topics and the subject skills associated with each module. Some workshops span one day, and others are over two days.

Each workshop is a standalone. This means you can pick any workshop and begin immediately. You don’t need to complete a one-day workshop to do the two-day workshop. You can enrol directly for any workshop that meets your requirements. There are no attendance prerequisites for any of the workshops on www.qc.sg. We’ve designed the flow of topics so that you can take any workshop in any combination.

Each workshop is also a complementary. Although each workshop is a standalone, we’ve designed specific combinations of one-day and two-day workshops (called expert bundles) that complement each other. For example, Introduction to Technical Writing is a one-day workshop. Introduction to Copywriting is a two-day workshop. Each workshop offers a specific set of skills that are transferrable. Taking both workshops together in a bundle earns you a larger set of complementary skills. We’ve designed three combination bundles. Of course you are free to pick and create your own combination. It’s entirely your choice which skills you want to focus on, and in what combination.

Pick a workshop or combination bundle, or create your own combination. When you’re happy with your selection, click on Attend. Here’s where you’ll complete your pre-enrolment for your workshops.

Just The Basics.

• Choose a workshop that interest you.
• There are no prerequisites to join any workshop.
• Each workshop, one-day or two-days, is self-contained.
• Combine workshops to broaden your skills set.
• Pick a recommended combination, or select your own.

Enrolling in a Workshop.

Enrolment is simple and takes just two steps to complete. The first step is your pre-enrolment form. This form introduces you to us and tells us what workshops you would like to take. Submitting the pre-enrolment form creates a temporary reservation for you in your selected workshop(s).

Step two is where we correspond with you via your contact details entered in the pre-enrolment form. Typically you’ll receive an email within 24 hours, with details (workshop dates, venue, invoice, timing, and more information) about your workshop. That’s it. Your enrolment is done and you’re ready to register and confirm your place in your workshop.

Just The Basics.

• Fill in and submit the pre-enrolment form.
• We’ll reply within 24 hours with an enrolment email.
• Pay the invoice attached to the enrolment email.
• Received payments automatically confirm registration.

Workshop Registration.

Registration is a confirmation of your intention to attend your workshop. When you complete your pre-enrolment, you will receive an email from us within 24 hours. This email contains details of your workshop and an invoice.

Pay the invoice through your preferred method — cheque, bank transfer, cash or credit card — and you’re done. A successful payment transaction automatically confirms your registration and transaction details via email. You’re all set to attend your Quantico workshop(s). Exciting!

Just The Basics.

• When you pre-enrol you’ll receive an enrolment email.
• Pay the invoice attached to this enrolment email.
• Received payments automatically confirm registration.

Attending Your Workshop.

This is your primary purpose for choosing to multiply your skills. When you attend your Quantico workshop you’re not only getting ready to expand your abilities but also gearing up to define the future of communication. That’s why you’ve chosen your workshop, and that’s why your workshop pays attention to you — what you know, what you’re about to learn, and how you’ll leverage your training to rewrite the future of communications.

You’ll quickly discover that your workshop is a skilful blend of the science and art — the craft — of your topics. Starting at 9:30am, you’ll immediately engage with industry experts who’ve already reshaped the landscape of their fields, and will demonstrate to you exactly how they achieved that. You’ll be able to share your aspirations in a dynamic environment, explore the science behind the skills and the immense possibilities of practical applications. Even over the one-hour lunch break, you’ll be working on real-life challenges and making critical observations of the world around you.

Towards the close of the workshop, at 5:30pm, you’ll have rapidly evolved your existing skills and will start making your own dent in the world. The workshops have a core syllabus that are deliberately designed to revolve around you, so bring your own case studies, questions, examples, and plenty of curiosity. With a maximum cap of 4 participants to each workshop, you’re the focus of our attention. So come prepared to change the world. Because at the end of your Quantico workshop you’ll know exactly how to.

Just The Basics.

• Bring your questions and case studies.
• Workshops begin at 9:30am and end at 5:30pm
• Learn the science and art (craft) of communications
• Use your learnings to make a dent in the world.

Testing and Passing.

We’re fortunate to work with the brightest minds from around the world. These individuals and organizations trust us to maintain the standards of Quantico workshops. Part of our responsibility in maintaining these standards is Quantico’s testing system.

Every workshop has a testing module that all participants need to successfully complete in order to gain their certification. The module tests participants on actual scenarios and real projects that our instructors have completed for client organizations and individuals. The test is a standard inclusion for every workshop. Passing makes you eligible for Quantico’s internal wizard level workshops.

Most participants manage to pass the test. Failure, however, doesn’t mean you’re on your own. If you fail the testing module, you’ll go through a revision session and another round of testing. The revision session and retest is administered at no additional fees or costs to you. We want you to pass, but what we really want is for you to know how to pass any real-world test.

Just The Basics.

• Testing is a necessary module of workshops.
• Pass the testing module to earn certification.
• Testing modules ensure performance.
• If you fail, attend one revision and retest module free.

Keeping Your Skills Relevant.

When the workshop is over, the learning continues. Forever. Every participant automatically becomes a member of Qrowd, Quantico’s internal community of communication experts. Through Qrowd we share updated abilities, new stories, skills, and answer each other’s questions.

We maintain an active community on Facebook though most members choose to engage in private messages or via email, for work-related content. Qrowd is free and powered by awesome individuals like you who are constantly defining and redefining the future of communication.

Just The Basics.

• Learning continues when the workshop is over.
• Every participant is automatically part of Qrowd.
• Qrowd members keep engaging for self development.

Customize A Workshop.

Our workshops are customizable. At Quantico, we understand that organizations and institutions have unique requirements and particular goals to accomplish. Each of our workshops can be re-designed to meet the particular objectives of your organization. If you would like a custom workshop to fulfil your objectives, please contact us at +(65) 6573 7370 or via email to hello@quantico.com.sg

We’re fortunate to work with the best and brightest…

A – F

Accor Asia Pacific
ACE Insurance
Agency for Integrated Care
AIESEC International
Alliance Era Pte Ltd
Asia Pacific Maritime Trade Show
Asia Television Forum
AXA Insurance
Baron’s Strong Brew
Bayer CropScience
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Canopy Design
Chan Brothers Travel
Charities Aid Foundation South East Asia
Civil Service College
ClearPath Sdn Bhd
Confex MICE
DBS Bank
DBS Vickers
Delphys Singapore
Dow Chemical Company
Duke-NUS Graduate School of Medicine
Employment and Employability Institute (e2i)
Esplanade Theatres By The Bay
Fairfield Methodist Alumni Association
Fullerton Financial Holdings

G – N

George P. Johnson
Gold Roast White Coffee
Goodrich Global
Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy
ibis Singapore
Infocomm Development Authority (IDA)
International Data Corporation (IDC)
Institute of Technical Education (ITE)
Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG)
International Enterprise (IE) Singapore
Iron Ore Week Singapore
Knowledge Management Solutions (KMS)
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School
Lazada South East Asia
Lazy Lizard Restaurant and Bars
Marina Bay Sands
McCann World Group (Singapore)
Nanyang Technological University
National University of Singapore (NUS)
National Youth Council Singapore (NYC)
Navis Capital
Nippon Paint

O – Z

One World International School
People’s Association Singapore (PA)
Reed Exhibitions
Regent Corp-Werkz
Republic Polytechnic
Ripe Australian Fruit Juices
River Safari
Shenton Wealth Holdings
Singapore Exchange (SGX)
Singapore Post (SingPost)
Singapore Science Centre
Singapore Tourism Board
Singapore Zoo
Sofitel So Singapore
ST Electronics
Warees Investments Pte Ltd (MUIS)
Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Workforce Development Agency (WDA)
Zurich Insurance
100% Design Singapore