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Arts Communication Workshop

Centre for Communication + Information Literacy

Arts Communication Workshop Singapore

Course: ACW-4H

Fee: Free (fully subsidised)

Delivery: Taught live-streamed

Date: 12 June 2020 (2pm – 6pm)

Arts Communication Workshop (Singapore)

Course imperative

As the arts sector faces extraordinary challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists and arts practitioners are struggling to reach new audiences and secure funding. Arts communication skills help individuals and organisations respond to these issues by developing realistic and achievable strategies, which communicate the value of their work to new and existing audiences.

Course overview

Arts Communication Workshop (ACW-4H) Singapore is a free 4-hour taught course for artists, creatives, and arts organisations to strategically communicate the value of their work to publics and donors. This course will be taught online via a closed live-streaming session on 12 June 2020 (Friday) from 2pm to 6pm Singapore local time.

Course objectives

Quantico Centre for Communication + Information Literacy is providing a fully-subsidised 4-hour online workshop to help individuals and organisations involved in the arts to:

• Understand the challenges of the current situation for the arts
• Discover how effective arts communication can help respond to these challenges
• Create communication that reaches new audiences and engages existing bases
• Write more effectively about their art forms, their approaches, and themselves

Course applications

Areas of application for these skills extend to:

• Websites and blogs
• Grant applications
• Social media content
• Fundraising appeals

Course details

Delivery: Online live session
Instructor: Deepa Vijayan

Course: Arts Communication Workshop (June 2020)
Description: Arts Communication Workshop (Singapore)
Contact: One Fullerton Road, #02-01, 049213, Singapore
Organiser: Quantico Centre for Communication + Information Literacy

Course registration

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